Monday, August 30, 2010

School Ick!

So today was the first day of school. It was kind of strange, but I like my teachers this year. The only problem is we got LOADED with homework... Right after I finished summer homework. Grawr rawr rawr. But I will definitely try to keep up with updates.

School pictures are tomorrow... ehehe. I'll try not to look like I had no sleep at all.

How was everyone else's first day? Or if you haven't started school yet, are you looking forward to school? No?

To those who are not in school: what's new with your life? :)


  1. tons of NEW and IMPROVED (hopefully) changes in life... just no school for the time being. But so far I'm really enjoyinh... too bad I can't speek of it. booooo...
    anyway... hope you find some time to work on Ingenuo, and The One in the midst of all this pile of homework you are speaking of.

  2. Arrgh, this week's the last one of impossible tests. So I'll be free afterwards! *daydreaming*
    How could someone look forward to school?! Please nooo~!!
    Good luck with your homework~

  3. @Maliha: What is it? I really want to know now ahaha!

    @Angela: I think I failed a bajillion tests already. I'm starting school with a C average... hopefully. XD I think only elementary/middle schoolers look forward to school... and hopefully no elementary kids are reading "The One" lol.