Feel free to submit manhua for my consideration to translate. You may also suggest manga/manhua for me to read. I always enjoy a good series.

Here are a few guidelines for submitting for translation:

1. There must be raws.
2. They must be in Chinese.
3. MUST NOT BE LICENSED. Please check this on before submitting.
3. Try to pick an interesting manhua. :)

Requests are currently open / closed.
I already have a lot of manhuas lined up. Why don't you wait a while before submitting a manhua for my consideration? But feel free to email me reading suggestions! (That may help you eventual project submission).

I am open to new suggestions for translations, but make sure they are in Chinese! I cannot read Japanese or Korean, so it helps if you double check real quick. Remember, manhwa is Korean, and manga is Japanese. Only manhua is Chinese.