Monday, August 2, 2010

Oooooh The One on the 5th! (no pun in 10 did...)

YAHHH ARE YOU GUYS ALL EXCITED?! YAHHHH. Yeah, okay. This is probably a spam post. Heehee. Just so you guys know, I will most likely be posting pages HERE first. So check here on the 5th/6th for any tidbits of early releases you can get :)

What's your favorite thing about "The One"?

I love the drawings for one. They're so beautiful (especially Lele's mom :O). Also, I really like some of the earlier chapters where Eros dresses as a hobo. haha. :D I had almost forgotten about it, but then I was reminded by some people. I will probably reread the series sometime haha.

Yehhh. Okay :) See you guys soon!


  1. Yeah, Eros is a hottie, and yes, he somehow looked better in the earlier chapters. but once a hottie, always a hottie... hehe... love Eros. He is my most favorite character in The One. More than Lele or Angus or anyone else, I like his mature personality and all. I would love a guy like him in real life... slightly reserved, dedicated to his work, sincere towards those he cares about, not an attention whore... etc etc etc. Man... I have to give it to Nicky Lee... she created an amazing character. I loved Provence, and Youth Gone Wild, but so far, Eros, in my opinion, is the best character she has ever created. And I don't mean only by looks (which is also true of course) but as a man Eros is almost close to perfection!!

    haha... sorry for the long comment ;)

  2. I totally agree on everything maliha-m said. He's my favourite character too. His mysteriousness is very appealing. It's such a shame that he made a HUGE mistake when he nearly forced himself on Lele.(though I don't think he would have gone all the way). But I think it was a "don't have time to come up with a good plan" time of situation, still, not good! He hides his true self and feelings for the sake of others. I really wish Lele matures a bit and help him because he really needs someone whom he can talk to and truly love. Anyway, they are a good match these two ^_^
    In my opinion, the most beautiful character is Lele's dad. he was so damn hot! Then there's Eros of course.

  3. Thank you sooooo much for all the scanlations!!!!!

  4. Hello Kat. Thanx so much for all the scanlation!!! Chapter 70 is out, here 's the link