Monday, August 23, 2010

Ingenuo Chp 23

Again, please do not post this on any manga-sharing sites until the 25th! Thank you! :)

You can also download here.


  1. You're welcome, Amy. I'll pass your thanks onto Grase as well :)

  2. awww man... you stopped at a major cliffhanger. Even though I know what's gonna happen, I still feel like pulling my hair off :O

    Thanks a bunch Kat, for scanlating this! Really appreciate it. :)

  3. Thanks for your hard work into ingenuo! Question: Even though you're american born chinese, how did you learn how to read and write in chinese?? I guess you can go to those language schools... I only know how to speak cantonese lol. Oh yeah totally agree with how chinese dramas aren't that great in the first place. sorry motherland! haha.

  4. Hi Leslie! I'm an only child, so I really spoke Chinese a lot when I was younger, and my dad always encouraged me to read a lot in Chinese. I actually didn't receive English education at all from my parents... I got that from TV XD And I did not enroll in a language school until much, much later. But I quit anyway, so whatever :D

    It's good that you know how to speak Cantonese, though haha, especially if you want to go to Hong Kong... It's so difficult only knowing Mandarin haha.