Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The One Chp 75


I know you have been waiting for this chapter, but I have been through two academic papers and have a presentation on Thursday ^-^ So excuse me if I haven't edited in all of the sfx on the last few pages. Trust me, they weren't that interesting anyway haha.

Everybody was good last time and didn't post early, so I will keep the download up. Thanks for the cooperation guys. I really want blog readers to get first priority on chapters!

Thanks for the patience, and the next chapter will be released around the 15th of April hopefully.

Here is a download, don't abuse it!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

V.B. Rose Chapter 43

Here is the new VB Rose Chapter! Please note public release dates!

Download is available here.

Monday, March 14, 2011

The One Chp 74


I would like to start out with a thank you to those of you who have been so supportive. It really means a lot to me that you have endured a 2 month wait, yet still tell me to take my time, while there are others out there who are very harrowing with their posts like this: "omggg why is dis chp taking so long?!??!?!??!?!?!??!" It really is very refreshing to see such support, and I want you all to know that I really am grateful. You are all so very kind to me, so I am happy to translate efficiently. This is why I HAVE posted the download link, but please do not abuse it. I hope you understand that this is to thank blog readers. I love talking to all of you, so here is something just for you.

Now I probably should start my homework :D I've worked 5 straight hours on this hahahhaha.

Download is here.

PS. Chapter 75 is coming soon! I'm going to get some hw done while Angie cleans the pages :) I'll have them up ASAP. Heads up, it is a long chapter!

News on The One

Before I am bombarded with messages about Chp 74 being up, I would like to tell everyone that I do have the raws!

It's midnight right now, so I'll work on them as soon as I get home :) tomorrow. Night guys!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Things I've Been Reading Recently

- Steel Rose: My goodness, I'm starting to dislike Leting a lot more. She's really a bitch, and pretty stuck up and rude as well. I used to think she was a cool strong female protagonist, but she's just annoying now.

- Silver: I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. I like the beginning particularly because of the premise. The recent chapters seem to have declined in quality a little; they're mostly just sex scenes o__o". It seems a little overboard/unnecessary. I think I may start reading more Josei because of their more developed plots.

- Paradise City: So random haha. I haven't gotten very far, but I'm liking it so far. All the characters are so colorful!

- Faster Than a Kiss: I came back to this series after not reading it for a while, and while it is cliche, and not the best story ever, I like reading it. It's fun and cute, not really serious reading.

What have YOU been reading? What have you liked so far?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Think of Japan--Please Read

I'm sure many of you have heard about the destruction caused by the recent earthquake and resulting tsunami in Japan. I'm not sure if any Japanese people read this blog (given that they already have tons of manga even without English translations), but I sincerely hope that you are all safe, and not only those who live in Japan because I know the earthquake was felt by a lot more people who live in that area.

Even over here, on the West coast of the United States, many people are afraid for aftershocks (though I do think we're okay). I was going to ask you to donate to the cause here, so that the readers of this blog could put together a nice sum together in exchange for my working harder a bit by putting out chapters, but I have recently read this. So instead of texting whatever to the Red Cross, I'm thinking donating to Americares, which according to this, has a pre-existing commitment to Japan. I would also love it if I could raise money to donate to Doctors Without Borders.

So please, if you have any money at all to spare, even spare change, please donate. Though natural disasters are truly a devastating thing, it also represents an opportunity for people of all places in the world to remember what it is to be commonly human. It may be too idealistic for me to expect that wars will stop and we will all work together in a united goal, but I do know that we can do what we can in disasters. I know that not all of you may have money to spare, but even a little bit would be very helpful. I have 56 followers on the blog, and probably more regular readers as well. Even if you can't manage the $10 that the Red Cross is asking for, a dollar would help once we pool our resources.

I will probably choose between Americare and Doctors Without Borders. If you have a preference, please let me know.

I am well aware that many of you will simply ignore this message, but for those of you who do, thank you.

You can send your money with Paypal to purplehippo1095@gmail.com. I would like to keep a list of donors (to keep the accounts straight), so if you would like to remain anonymous, please make a note of that. If you would like to be named, please include a name. Paypal does automatically convert foreign currency, in case you don't know. This will make donating easier on my international readers.

If you don't have Paypal, it's easy to sign up for one, but if you really can't, then please let me know, and I will see if there is anything we can do :)

If you would like to find out more about the quake, here's CNN footage.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Paradise City and Steel Rose

I just started reading Paradise City!

Either my Chinese is getting better, or this manhua has many easy words. It does require certain heavy translation areas where I bust out my dictionary, but it's been mostly okay.

But I have no way to measure this because this is a new manhua haha. Those of you who learn a second or even third language, how long does/did it take? Are you not fluent?

Anyway, I started compiling a short introduction to this series (instead of doing my homework hahahhahaha. All my IB papers are due.. Oh well. If I don't think about them, I can convince myself they don't exist. Boooooo). I'll have a brief character list and summary soon!

Anyway, there's that series. If you have any questions, let me know!

About Steel Rose, because people have asked, I will be working with Lila Wolves to get chapters out. I'm supposed to be sent Chapter 15 soon.

I have another chapter of VB Rose ready, and will probably upload it in the next few days.

No news on The One.

Paradise City Information and Introduction

Here's just an introduction for those of you looking forward to Paradise City. I haven't read that far in, so that's what I have so far. Hope you enjoy it!

Summary: Carl is preparing to carry out a conspiracy that will destroy JB's position in the music world. Meanwhile, Renee must subtly express her own feelings. The sadness and happiness of fate will cause more twists and turns in Ike's life path. The 2 years separated Ike finally returns to Renee's side, with new songs and wishes. This time, he will bravely confront his own feelings and life.

(Translated from here).

Here's what I've noticed just from reading the first chapter.

With silver hair and sunglasses, Ike becomes JB, a famous rock and roll star whose true identity is unknown (JB IS NOT JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!). When he one day discovers he is being followed, he must move out of his house and find a new place. How will his paths cross with Renee White, the daughter of a fashion designer and younger sister of a beautiful model, especially when she is suddenly thrust into their world?

JB aka Ike: A rock and roll star with a secret identity. He has to move out of his house due to a stalker.
Johnny: JB's manager.
Renee White: A high school girl who has heavy domestic responsibilities cooking for her sister, a model, and her mother, a fashion designer, who don't know how to cook at all, and are seemingly more interested in boys and the fashion world than her.
Chi White: Renee's sister, a very beautiful model. Her name literally means "White Gem/rock."

Sunday, March 6, 2011

V.B. Rose Chapter 42

Public release date is March 10th. Please do not post elsewhere until then. I am posting the download link because I think this series is less popular than "The One," but please keep in mind that you are NOT TO POST IT UNTIL MARCH 10th.

Download available here.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

What's Next? New projects and such

Hello all, as you may know, Ingenuo has been finished, and The One seems to have rolled to a standstill. I am still waiting on raws, and I don't think they've actually found a new scanner.

Because people have been asking me about Steel Rose, I feel I may as well do a post here. Thank you Maliha for letting me know about Lila Wolves putting it on their future projects list. I contacted them, and figured out that they had put the project on their list because they thought I would not continue SR. However, the project had remained on my future project list. Because they have started working, we have decided to work together, though I am not exactly sure what we have worked out for the long term. In a couple days, I will be receiving cleaned pages and translations to typeset.

So that is that. Next, I WILL be starting with Paradise City, but bear with me because I don't want to start quite yet because it is a new commitment. So that all of you know, it is a 4 vol series by Nicky Lee about a superstar I think. Not sure. I'll figure it out when I look more carefully at the raws.

I was thinking of finishing my pages of VB Rose. It won't take me long, but I just need the motivation to sit down to do it. It's tiresome scanning so much. But I think I might just do it now because my brain is too fried to finish my homework.

Because Full House is being scanslated, I am removing it from my list.

Anyways, hope to see you guys soon :)