Sunday, August 22, 2010

Still alive & Hana Yori Dango Vs. Boys Before Flowers

Haha I know I haven't spammed you guys in a while :D, as Maliha points out. Sorry! I hope you didn't miss me too much. I've been pretty busy, and have neglected my online friends ): Too bad, eh? But at least I've been working, eh? There will be another Ingenuo release soon!

So uh... uh... I finished watching Boys Before Flowers (Korean Drama) a week or two ago, and I would just like to the Japanese version of the drama. I didn't even bother watching the Chinese version... It looked... eh. And didn't have very good reviews. Chinese dramas aren't usually that good to begin with. I'm sorry, Motherland, but it's true!

Anyway, both were good, and unique in their own ways, but DEFINITELY DEFINITELY JAPANESE VERSION IS BETTER. It was truer to the plot of Hana Yori Dango (the manga). I did, however, like Boys Before Flowers' changes because they were unique and cute. However, the drama itself dragged on for SOOOO long, and became so mushy that I was having trouble watching it. Tsukushi stops being super buff and cries all the time in BBF. I like her a lot better in HYD.

HOWEVER, Domyoji is a lot better looking in the Korean one ^-^. Just sayin'... It's kind of important...

But definitely, I would recommend HYD. BBF is okay if you like the manga, and already watched HYD, but if you're actually looking for a good drama to watch, watch HYD!

And also, I LOVE HANA YORI DANGO 8D. It was one of the very first mangas I read, and I loved it, all 36 volumes of it. And the manga is much better than the dramas. I'm not going to write a review of it, because I think most of you have read HYD before, or at least heard of it, right? It's such a popular series, it's hard to imagine that you haven't at least HEARD of it... yeah? Or maybe I'm crazy, and it's not that popular...

So have you guys read HYD, or watched the Japanese, Korean, or Chinese drama? What did you think of them?


  1. I loved reading Hana Yori Dango. It's such a lovely series, and Tsukushi is a great heroine. :)

    Ah, I only watched the Japanese Drama, and it was cute and sweet. I haven't seen the other two, but I'm inclined to watching the Korean version. :)

  2. Yah! I love Tsukushi as a character so much! But her strength kind of dissolves in BBF, which is why I definitely prefer HYD!

  3. HYD was the first manga I bought - I loved it, it was funny and dramatic at the same time, though I think the story in the last volumes dragged a bit.
    I've only seen the Korean version of the drama, 'cause I found out about dramas just in relatively recent years, but I've heard only praises about the Japanese version, so one day I'll definitely take my time to watch it.
    About the Korean wasn't bad, but I didn't like most of the characters: Lee Min Ho didn't act too well, but better than the other F3, and I literally couldn't stand the guy playing "Rui" (what's up with that reddish hair??), or "Nishikado"/Kim Bum (I don't like the subplot revolving around him and Tsukushi's friend). Tsukushi's character was acted out well, but yes, she became a bit weak and patethic halfway (though she still acted good)
    I've also seen the anime version, with the censoring (and horrible new names - like Marie Yvonne instead of Tsukushi O_O) my country has made on it...
    I still prefer the manga overall!

  4. Yeah... but for 36 volumes, the manga did a great job keeping it fresh!

    In the Korean version, she has WAY too much screen time with Rui. It's so weird. (The red hair was something copied from the Japanese version, but Shun Oguri looks wayyy better with it ;D). I think Kim Bum is cute, but I also didn't like the way the subplot was presented. The subplot itself is okay in the manga, but not in the drama XP

    What country do you live in?

  5. I'm your first follower from Italy ^^ Kim Bum himself is cute (I can't believe he's younger than me :o!), but his part of the story was a bit boring, he wasn't even as mean as in the manga, he was more like a lost puppy at some point...but I liked the fact that, not like in the manga, he ended up with Ga Eul :)

  6. Wahh! Yeah, I know you were one of my earliest followers haha, thanks so much :) He's older than me lol, but that's okay.

    Yeah! I can't believe he was so mean to Ga Eul/Yuki! Oh my goodness. He was disappointing in the manga to Yuki, but never mean. He was always the perfect gentleman, and he never really "lost" it.

    The epilogue of Ga Eul/Kim Bum er... Yi Jung haha was SO cute :) But I liked the manga's ending better than the drama's ending. I wish they had simply cut out a lot of all those Rui/Tsukushi stuffs. D< RAH. hahah