Sunday, August 8, 2010

The One and Ingenuo cued for posting

Wow you guys are a bit spoiled, eh? We will be releasing INGENUO early this week, on the 10th, and THE ONE slightly late, on the 10th as well. Remember, they will always be posted HERE first! So come over here to read the chapters first, and let me know how I am doing on quality!

By the way, sorry for posting twice today XD Tell me how I'm doing on spamming XD


  1. You're doing wonderfully on spamming. :3 I actually enjoy reading all your entries even if you consider them spam, though I might not always comment. Hehe.
    (I'm a little shy, sorry. :3)

  2. Haha I thought you said "You're doing wonderfully spamming." XD

    Ah! Thank you so much for actually reading :) Don't worry about being shy, I am sometimes myself (mostly in real life haha).

    Anyways, very nice to meet you, Kiwi!

  3. I'm actually shy everywhere. :3

    Nice to meet you too. :)