Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Layout + Asian Stuff?

Do you like the blog's layout?
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*GASP* THERE ARE 5 DISSENTERS. WHERE ARE THEY? WHERE ARE THEY? I'LL... jk. I'd appreciate if you guys let me know what you don't like about the layout! I'd be happy to fix stuff.

In other news, I've been thinking recently. About what? You ask. Well, my mom and I have been discussing starting a small business. Now what will we sell? Depends, really. But most of what we've been thinking about has been along the lines of female merchandise (purses, makeup, clothes, jewelry, or other such things). Her idea with purses was to manufacture them ourselves (handmade and slow... but hey, there's a whole site for that!). My idea is to get stuff from CHINAA~ and sell them here. That way, people in the US can get stuff cheaper WITHOUT paying enormous amounts for shipping.

My dad's going to China in... 2 weeks or so, so he'll have a chance to go shopping for me (I hope). So, my question to YOU GUYS is what products would you be most interested in from Asia (specifically China). That way, I can decide what exactly I want to do with a business. I'd really appreciate your input here.

Also, THE ONE TOMORROW! I really hope it actually releases, and the raws are put up quickly, although there's nothing I have to complain about, really. Check over here for earlier releases!

[EDIT:] Yeah, I know this is super off-topic, and I probably shouldn't be posting here, but I need input from people. If you really are opposed to me posting these posts here, let me know.


  1. isn't it better if you give us options as to what kind of merchandise your dad can bring? for example, i can go all out and say, hey, i want those awesome chinese outfits. the cool, high collared, figure hugging, side slitted dresses... i'd also say, hey, get me a black one... stuff like that. i could be very unrealistic here. but i do love your idea... is it going to be an online shop that you and your mom will be setting up? i do love chinese outfits, so clothing is a good option! stuff that you can only get in china, perhaps? im not sure what kind of exclusively chinese things are there that you don't get here that easily, or even if you do, they are way too expensive! but hey, if you do set up a shop like that i'd love to check it out and even buy from there if i like anything. :)

  2. Well, I was referring to more in the future (long-term plans), but actually, I think if you actually want my dad to get something from China this time, I could probably arrange that! Send me an email. It's definitely possible. I've been looking at Chinese websites and stuff, and I have seen Chinese sellers actually selling many American products wholesale... so that's what I've been thinking about.

  3. Hi, this is Maliha... I just decided to use my name and url instead of open id... open id is sort of a pain in the ass... anyway, I was just giving you an example, wasn't specifically asking for anything... however, HOWEVER... it would be kind of sweet if your dad could in fact bring something particular from China. I'll give it some thought, and if I come up with anything, I'll shoot you an email. :)