Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Manga Reading Habits

So people get their manga fix (haha) different ways. Some people like manga hosting sites that allow them to view the pages. Some like to get the books when they come out in the US. And some people like to download them.

I myself fall under the latter category. First of all, you don't need internet to read the manga, so you can stock up :) Also, clicking through the pictures are SO much easier, and you don't need to scroll down!

Yeh? I suppose most of you like viewing manga w/o downloading (MF), and that's fine too. What do you think are the pros/cons of reading manga like that?


  1. Hello!
    I really hate online sites to read manga... My internet connection doesn't work properly sometimes. So I'd rather download... and I download loooots, and stock up (just like you said), so I can satisfy my "manga-need" hehehehe
    Also, downloading gives you the chance to keep those you liked a lot :)

  2. I suppose it depends on what kind of a manga fan you are. Like Angela said, in some parts of the world the internet isn't as fast as it is in some other parts of the world... so for those people it makes sense to download them.

    Then there are those who do have fast internet, but they also like to "stock up", just as you do. May be it's because you like to collect?

    As for me, I would rather read them on MF or other similar sites. It saves hard disk space. ;)

    Honestly, not very many mangas/manhuas get licensed, and the ones that do, well, I have never been able to find them in stores here in the US. I suppose they get sold really fast or something, I don't know. Some of them are available online, but for a limited budget person like me, it's really inconvenient. So how else do I read them? I read them online!