Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ingenuo Chp 80--FINAL CHAPTER!

First off, thank you to all of my readers for sticking with me. I am really proud for finishing an entire series, even though I didn't translate the whole thing. It seems amazing to come to end of something, though a little sad too. I loved this story, and I hope all of you enjoyed it as well.

Happy reading!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Regarding Manga-sharing Sites

Hello all,

Thank you to the readers who pointed out to me that chapters are being posted to mangareader before the public release date.

I am bewildered by this situation, especially because this is not the first time it has happened. Last chapter, mangareader also posted early, so I asked them not to do so in the future. They apologized and assured me that it would not happen again. Obviously, they're full of crap, and I try not to bash people too hard on here for politeness's sake, but they seriously are. So I shot them another email a few days ago letting them know that I did not want my chapters uploaded to their site in the future, and they still have not responded.

Not that I think it's solely their fault because someone must have uploaded it who reads this blog. I appreciate everyone who reads on my blog, so I really want to give my readers a gift for their support.

This is not to say that I do not like manga-sharing sites. I really do love them. They make manga readily available for those in other countries who may not have access to either the originals or the licensed and translated ones. I have never had problems with mangatraders or mangafox, which I have never had problems with. In fact, when MF mistakenly uploaded one of my chapters early one time, the uploader (who must have had administrative privileges) immediately apologized and locked the chapter until the official release date. They have really been very accommodating, and I find that they are very respectful of both mangakas, publishers, and scanslators. So it was, I thought, disrespectful to post the link to mangareader on a MF forum.

In any case, after debating what I should do, I have decided not to allow downloading of the chapter, at least while the chapter is exclusively on my blog.

Thank you all for leaving me messages about this. I really appreciate it!


Monday, February 14, 2011

The One Chp 73

Finally! I'm too tired to write much here even though I want to. Oh well. Here it is, not much ado. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO PAY ATTENTION TO RELEASE DATES GUYS! I PUT THEM SPECIFICALLY IN THE CREDITS PAGE NOW. Many people have been not paying attention. Please do. I like to give my blog readers the first opportunity to read new chapters as a thank you. Please respect release dates.

Chapter 74 is supposedly out. Still waiting on scans.

You may also download the chapter.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

News on Stuff

V.B. Rose:

I'm starting to get a little frustrated and annoyed.

"I already have all the volumes. Even volume 11 - it came out this January, y' know?
I thought about it... do you want to work on this manga together?
Also, how do you get rid of the gutters? I don't want to bend my manga, thought...

Plus a question: Some of your volumes - I think volumes 6 and 8 - do they have some pages that are narrower?"

This is my response:

"Can you keep up to a schedule? Because under my schedule I could probably get a chapter done in an hour, which would make vols. 8-9 not take very long to scan. How long will it take you to scan? I don't have volume 10, but it wouldn't take long for me to get it. Beyond volume 11, I could translate the chinese raws that are out there.

You need editing and cleaning to clean up gutters without bending manga. Even with cleaning, there will still be gutters. The best method is simply to bend the manga.

I don't have volume 6. I don't think volume 8 has narrower pages. "

To be honest, if I had the inclination, I could have scanned all of 8-9 by now. I try to be efficient with time so that I can get more chapters put out. But we'll see. I did consider just reneging on my promise and scanning all of them because it does depend on how fast she scans hers.

Hmm. I'll let you knwo more later.

The One:

The pages are cleaned, I just have to translate, but I'm super busy this weekend, so please bear with me.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

V.B. Rose Chapter 40

Here it is! So... I've been reading some of your very persuasive comments recently... and I've been feeling like kind of a bitch recently so... Well, hopefully you'll figure out what this implies. For now, here's the chapter. Please don't post anywhere until the 13th! Thanks :)

Here's the download.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ingenuo Chp 79

Sorry for the long time it took to release the chapter! Here it is. Please don't post it anywhere else until February 11th. Thanks!

You can also download here.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Okay, if you are another flavor of Asian, and don't celebrate "Chinese" New Year, I'm sorry to be politically incorrect. But Happy Lunar New Year to you guys!

I hope that this year is a good year for everybody. I know that there are a lot of problems right now in the world. I know that Egypt is a very obvious example. I really hope that if you live there, you are doing well, though I'm not sure you'd be able to read this message. I hope also that those living in Australia right now, though probably unable to read this, are also doing well and staying safe. And because I'm globally unaware, that's all I can think of right now. If there are problems in your country right now, I hope for peace and prosperity. Even in the US, long the model of a successful society is going through rough times. I really think that the beginning of this new millennium is a time of great change, and I hope that we can all pull through.

Just so you all know, I'm working on the new chapter of Ingenuo right now. If you check the projects page, you can see how many pages I have done. Just curious, who actually checks the projects page? Vote in this poll for easy data collection hahaha ------>

Grace has been super stressed about her English presentation. It's seriously super hilarious hahaha. She promised she would translate a million chapters of Ingenuo though... hmm. I think she probably did a good job though! I don't know for sure, because I'm not in her class period.

I would also like to thank everyone for being so supportive of me about VB Rose. The reason I am not continuing it is that I started it only as a side project because no one else (apparently) was doing it, so that's why. Who knows what will happen in the future though. I do have all the books at home haha. We'll see. I might just scan it for this blog only.

The One is still MIA! I'm so sorry, but I'm waiting for it too D: I think this one will have to be put on hold for a while. We'll see.

How is everyone else doing? I love when you leave me comments :) Do I sound attention-seeking? Maybe. But leave me a comment anyway :D Love you all, and thank you so much for reading!