Monday, August 9, 2010

The One Chp 68

Wargh my friends, am I not awesome? *EGO EXPANDS* Ingenuo will go up later! I'll have a space between postings. Please keep in mind that my chapters should not be posted elsewhere until the 10th! I'm not putting a formal waiting time, but please respect my wishes. I'd like to get a little more traffic to this blog :)

Anyways, an awesome chapter awaits! (Now I can finally sit down to read Skip Beat :D)

It is also available for download, if you prefer.


  1. Yeeey!!! Thank you SOO much!!
    Ur da' best!!

  2. Woooooooah......thank you so much Kat for the hard working..really you are so fast :)..thanks alot..I hope the best always for you..
    happy reading for Skip beat :)

  3. Thank you so much for translating, it's perfect! I love the chapter :)

  4. Damn!!! I really hope we'll get to see Eros smash his dad's face. I hate the guy. Am I right that he is drugging him? Poor Eros. But I agree with Taylor, Eros will fight and get hurt in the process but he will win and everything will be fine. I'm really glad Lele recognised him in the photo. I'm even more convinced she'll help him now, yeah!
    Oh meeting Taylor and Lele is the best thing that could ever happen to the twins.
    Thank you sooooo much for scanlating this amazing story!

  5. Thank you so much! I loved thos chapter! Can't wait for the next one!

  6. Thank you very much for this chapter!!

  7. thank you so much for this chapter! i can't wait for the next!! ^ ^

  8. Hi!

    Just wanted to thank you for scanlating such an awesome story! It's my new favorite :)

  9. Thank you for The One chapters! Quality is excellent and truly appreciate it! Keep up the good work! =)

  10. thank you for translating The One...
    I really want to see about Lele's progression at modeling,i want her to be a dazzling supermodel who is known all over the world.
    Umm isn't Lele heroine of The One???
    so i hope,Lee Nicky will write sth about Lele's career progression...(and of course,Eros have to be there too ^^ )

  11. I hope Eros and Lele will be together again

  12. Thanks for the chapter.

    Page 85 fifth panel needs "of" be "off"

    Page 94 second panel needs a "that" after "appearance" and the first "that" might not be need...