Friday, June 24, 2011

The Future of Next Month's Scanslations!

So, as some of you may know, I will be gone for 5 weeks starting in July. So, in order not to leave you guys hanging on good story lines, I have scanslated like mad and queued several new chapters for you. Since I have actually simply scheduled them to reduce my stress, I can tell you guys which days will be release dates!

V.B. Rose
Chapter 51: July 2nd
Chapter 52: July 16th
Chapter 53: July 23rd
Chapter 54: July 30th
Chapter 55: August 6th

Paradise City
Chapter 3: July 4th
Chapter 4: July 25th

At this point, I have no idea if I will actually be able to finish The One on time. If all goes well, I will try to get it down ASAP before I leave, so you'll at least have July's issue for sure, so August's issue may be a little late. I'm mostly concerned about July's issue, but I think I will probably be able to do it depending on page count and word count. I don't have a schedule for that unfortunately because I can't pre-translate any of that!

On a side note, Grase (remember her?) may be joining me for Paradise City! I still have to talk to her again, but I got her started reading it :) That will probably make scanslation go faster!

V.B. Rose Chp 50

As you can see, I've added super snazzy pictures for previews now hahaha. Many of you may have noticed the expandable post option; I do this for my convenience, so sucks if you hate it. It's hard for me to read all your comments and reply to comments on various posts (as I have many "active" posts at a time) when I have to scroll through so many pictures, so I've done the expandable posts in an attempt to clean up the pages a bit for my viewership. Well, here is the chapter 50!

Download is here!

Friday, June 17, 2011

WHOA, did you know that...

my last post was my 100th post! Wow, totally did not expect to get so far, but thank you all for your continued readership and kind words. I really appreciate all the messages I get, and I do read them all, though I don't always reply. Anyway, I thought I'd post a personal update.

The last day of school was out yesterday! Whoohoo! How exciting. Now I get to do lots of fun things, not. I have summer homework and other stuff, but overall, it's not too bad. I'm really actually looking forward to this break, though I suspect it will pass all too quickly.

My finals went well--thank you all for asking. I hope everyone else in school did well on their finals and are now enjoying the beautiful summer break! Unless, of course, you live in the Southern hemisphere. In that case, keep warm this winter. Not sure how your school works though. Sorry. If you do live south of the equator, let me know how everything works :)

I'll definitely have a lot more time to work on manhua translations. I'm just going to waste a few days first lazing around. I went to the mall today with my mother to buy a gift for someone, so that was really fun. Wasting my hard-earned money. YEY! I don't feel too bad... mostly because I just got a paycheck so I feel entitled to spend some of it haha.

I will be going away for most of July; I'm going to math camp heehee! It's okay if some of you think that's lame. I'll still enjoy it. I will still try to keep up updates, but you may see some tardiness if I cannot get The One translated at camp. I will still try to prepare some chapters of VB Rose and Paradise City so that I can release them while I am away.

Anybody else have fun plans this summer/winter? Comment below!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

Paradise City Chp 2

Finally! Sorry for taking so long! I like to be a chapter ahead, so I have a backup in case of emergencies, and I finally finished chapter 3!

Download here!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

The One Chp 78


Download here!


WAHHHH This is so exciting alsdkfj;alskdjf. Hahaha sorry, this is the crazy fangirl here. I totally love that Eros is being so childish here, especially because he's seeing his mom in his hallucinations. However, I almost think that there may be some Lele/Mom comparison here? Slightly Oedipal... but whatever.

I feel vindicated also that Lele says, "I know in my heart that you never wanted to hurt me." After the supposed "attempted rape," tons of people began hating on Eros for doing that. It was always really clear to me that he did that to protect her--both from his father and from her own feelings. Obviously, some of that must have backfired on him, and you see that with him being super depressed (especially in the last chapter). Lele obviously can't find it within herself to hate him for so long, and I love that she's becoming so playful in response to his misanthropic tendencies <-- haha big words.

Also, maybe people are going to yell at Eros for being such a jerk to Lele right now, but imagine if you were him, in such a weak and pitiful condition. You're going through withdrawal and weak and hallucinating about your dead mother. I can't imagine a worse time to have the girl you like see you. He's just being defensive. Don't blame him...

I think that this is really the beginning of a good relationship. Of course, there will be tons of drama, but they honestly got together wayyy faster than I had expected. I know that many people probably complained about their relationship too slowly. But now you really have nothing to complain about haha. I also look forward to seeing what happens with Feidna!!!! Let me know your thoughts in the comments! What predictions/hopes do you have for the future?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

[RAWS] The One Chapter 78

Here are the raws for The One Chapter 78! Enjoy!

Here they are! Also, please vote on the poll to the side. If you do have a problem, please comment me letting me know what it is. I will also let everyone know that there is a thing called a full-page ad on this site that randomly will pop up for some users. You simply click "skip this ad" after it loads. This is not a virus, and in no way will damage your computer. If you have had another problem, please let me know.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Desire Climax Review

Summary From ShoujoMagic:

Omori Mio is 17 years old. To help out her desperately poor family, she takes on a part-time job. Then, one night, a boy snatches a kiss from her and offers her money, saying, "I'll buy you." Who is the boy who stole Mio's first kiss...!?

Artwork: 9/10
The artwork truly is very lovely. It's really cute in a lot of places, and makes certain male characters appropriately attractive haha. I do love how she does distinguish between several different characters well. (I will get into that later). There are no weird confusing bits where characters look too similar. It is not overly cutesy at all (no flowers all over the place), but it was a little inconsistent in the beginning.

Plot: 4/10
I don't want to spoil anything too much, but the plot was all over the place. I read in a forum that someone thought that it was cool that this had so many plot twists. In my opinion, it had too many. It was really inconsistent, and this series changed so much within such a short span of time that by the end, it was not the manga I had started reading. It was almost about an entirely different subject matter entirely. The family conflict in the end was so cliche, and though you can see the mangaka did foreshadow it, you could see it coming obviously coming a million miles away. I was really disappointed with how many weird plot twists were thrown in such a short time. I wish it had stayed true to its original feel, because it seemed to turn in a completely different direction afterwards.

Characters: 6/10
Overall, characters were likeable, but so dramatic all of the time! And it was really obvious on the mangaka's part for many of the plot twists. I felt that a lot of the arcs were such stretches, and overly dramatic. While this does mean that the characters are vivid, I think that they are too exaggerated most of the time. In addition, it does bother me a little about their relationship--it is somewhat abusive, and rather disturbing.

Overall Appeal: 7/10
The reason I give this overall score so high is that I really like the series and the entire original premise. However, the rest of the series was very disappointing because I really did not expect many of the things the mangaka did. I wish it had not been so disappointing, but otherwise, I did really enjoy reading it. I must warn that it does have some sex in it, so if you don't want to read that, you are forewarned. Also, the title is super awkward haha, but you at least get the idea.

So a few other things I wanted to say.
1. I received notice that someone was having virus problems with the site. If you are too, please let me know in the poll to the right.
2. Are you interested in reading more of these reviews? I read less manga than I used to, but I think I could try to write a few more manga reviews.