Saturday, August 7, 2010

Updates on Ingenuo and The One

Ho hum, still waiting for raws to show up for The One. Hmm. I saw a thread on baidu, and it seems that they are out on the 9th, but not sure about that.

In any case, we (Kuul Grase and I) are DONE translating the next chapter of Ingenuo! Exciting, neh? Now all that remains is type-setting... ah. How lovely. We may have an early release! So cross your fingers, and check back. Suscribe or follow to get the next chapter as soon as I post it!

By the way, a BIG BIG BIG thank you to Grase for all that she's done to help. I'm so glad that we are working together now! It definitely is a load off my back, especially considering she is Taiwanese, so she's more familiar with traditional. Hugs and cookies for Grase!

Also, Kuul Grase should now be demoted to Loser Grase, because she finished Ingenuo. All of it. Loser. I only read slowly coz I choose to SAVOR the FLAVOR of the story. Yeah. That's it. Not at all because it takes me a long time to read. OF COURSE NOT, RIGHT?

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  1. Thanks for the update! I did read a summary for the new chapter of The One, but that's not really like reading the chapter itself. Honestly, I hope this whole Eros/Angus/Gustav drama dies down as soon as possible. As for Ingenuo... YAY for early release... sorry if I sound desperate... it's just that there has been such a long gap since the last scanlators posted any new chapter, that when you decided to pick it up, I was simply overjoyed!! Thank you again for doing Ingenuo for us fans! :)