Sunday, August 8, 2010

The One Teasers *SPOILERS*

Enjoy these while you wait for me to finish! Special for the blog readers :) Come back later, and I may have the chapter finished! Thanks for your patience and support.

Overall, I am very pleased with this new chapter, thank you so much Nicky Lee! This chapter answers a lot of the things people have been asking ("Is Angus in love with Eros?"), which I thought was a ridiculous question, because it was so clear in my mind that he is not, but has a complex because of their separation and his protective attitude towards him. And hello there Lele! Gosh, I hope I don't see people complaining about "omg this arc is so boring. angus and eros and gustav i want to see lele!" Because this arc is actually really well-constructed and a great insight into the past, and the relationship between Angus/Eros. Really, really nice job, Nicky Lee!

By the way, first five people to comment on this post with their email, name, a suggestion/constructive criticism to me, and what they like most about The One will get emailed the new chapter as soon as I complete it!


  1. You got that wrong. The complains are because the story had seemed to be dragging with Angus Eros and Gustav. Not that... Oh I miss Lele so much, but more like, I miss the manhua that was centered towards the fashion world, fashion nemesis, runways and a career in that business. There's nothing wrong with having difference in opinion, is there? =)
    ... but heck, who am I to complain, it's Nicky's manhua, so she gets to decide what kind of story she wants The One to be, and yes, bored or not, I still love The One!! Well, I'm glad to hear that you really liked this chapter.

    PS. Chibi Lele is so cute!!

  2. Thank you so much for the teaser! Yeah, it's been so long since we've seen Lele, i missed her!! I agree with you, i think this arc is well constructed as well! I just hope Lele and Eros would meet soon!! Anyway here's my mail
    Please keep your great job!

  3. @Maliha Oooh okay, I see. I do miss Lele too! She's so cute haha! Btdubs, do you want the chapter sent to you, or no? haha

    @Maria WHOA IT'S SO WEIRD TO SEE YOU IN THE REAL WORLD. I saw that you were one of my earliest followers, and now I know who you are on mangafox. :D Haha. I just had two people become one in my head, crazy eh?

  4. hahaha... she is someone from Mangafox? Heck Kat, so am I... Manga_papaya... rings any bell? my email is I know it sounds retarded, but I was *young* when I picked that ID... btw, will you be posting this chapter in either mangafox or mangareader? If you do then I don't really want the chapter e-mailed to me. I like reading them online :)... but in case you are planning not to post the chapter on one of those sites then yes, please, I'd really appreciate if you e-mailed me the chapter!! :)

  5. That's true :D I only was really surprised because I have talked to Maria before on MF, and I saw her email. OHMYGOODNESS. YOU ARE MANGA PAPAYA :O *GASPGASPGASP* Oh my goodness, thank you so much for always commenting on my posts. :) and supporting me all the time! HAHA. I AM ENLIGHTENED TODAY.

    All right, I'll let you wait till the release on MF. Heehee :)

  6. Thank you so much for your great job kat..And actually you are right. I also think that the Angus isn`t with love with Eros.Because they are separated from each other for a while.and as u said.And really finally lele appeared. I hope that she`ll have agreat help here..anyway
    Thank you so much ^^

  7. Loosed.MarionetteAugust 9, 2010 at 8:23 AM

    Thanks a lot! I thought that I'll never see new chapters from The One, especially because of all this madness that has recently started with the licensed mangas.. I hope that there'll be some chapters with a little more than just 20 pages :(
    I'm glad that Lele gets to appear again.It was so interesting to see her progress in the fashion world.I hope that she'll still stay serious(more or less)..she's a little too naive.
    I was kinda frustrated when Eros did that to her and just left her behind to save his brother(I'm not an Angus fan..actually, I really dislike his personality )..He is always making sacrifices for him.. not fair.. :\
    I always knew that Angus wasn't in love with his brother..these scenes were SO creepy that they annoyed me. I'm glad that we finally get to know their past.
    Anyways I like so much this manga that I can get over little things that bug me.
    Thanks again :)

  8. @Loosed.Marionette I totally agree. Angus is really wimpy and annoying, so I think you'll like this chapter! Regarding Eros leaving Lele: many people have commented on this, and I think, yes, it is sad, but at this point, Angus is supposed to be Eros's "most important person" as stated in the chapter, not Lele.

    @Eros Lanson Thank you so much for reading :)

  9. @ KAT hahahahahha yeah Both are me! I feel like a stalker lol. Just Kidding! Thank you so much for emailing me the chapter!!
    @ Maliha Manga_papaya i have you as one of my friend on MF as well! :)