Thursday, July 22, 2010

You know what's sad? Licensed Mangas

I looked up all the mangas on my watch list on mangatraders. They're pretty much all licensed. hahaha. EVIL LICENSING COMPANIES )< jk. They're cool, but a pain when you can't read them online. Ah well, books are okay, too? I just have to wait for them at the library *itchy feet* None of them have been updated online haha, so I feel kinda stuck. I don't want to go the the library )< LIBRARIES ARE FOR BOOKS NOT MANGAS. <-- I am a real snob ;) Anyway, basically the only manga I follow is Skip Beat, which I thought was licensed as well... OH WELL 8D I get to read it, no complaints! Anyway... got to get started on reading more manga that got licensed... urk.

Which of your favorite mangas/manhuas/manhwas are licensed? How do you read them?


  1. Lets see... Naruto, Bleach, One Piece... they all got licensed, but mangafox managed to get them back... whewww!!
    And then Bokura ga Ita got licensed :( Thankfully I get to read the summaries of the chapters on some blog, so I guess that's better than nothing!!
    One of my favorite manga- Oishii Kankei- got licensed as well. However, the scanlators kept working on them, and now I get to download the chapters from their site, instead of reading them on mangafox/onemanga etc. It's a pain in the ass, but I'm thankful to the scanlators for not dropping this manga altogether.
    Well, well... what else? Goong, Hotaru no Hikari... they all got licensed, and while some people are still updating Goong on Onemanga, I have no way of reading Hotaru no Hikari :( And that was one of my favorite manga too... :(
    Sadness :(
    Uhh anyway, thanks for working on The One and Ingenuo :)

  2. Aww ): Isn't there any way to get them from the library? I know that my library has lots of mangas in English! I hope you finish the mangas!

    Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece are so popular that there is no way scanslators would stop working on them haha

  3. Thanks so much for doing The One. I saw that some sites are now closing. Like, and of course mangafox is so far only show non licensed manga. I don't know what i would do if i couldn't not find the one. i love it so much.

  4. Mangatraders actually has a lot of licensed manga... hmmm. Haha

  5. I think my favorite licensed manga have to be Gakuen Ouji, Haru wo Daite Ita, Okane ga Nai (yes I am a yaoi fan girl :) ) Mars, and Beast Master just to name a few. Thank so much for doing this manhua! I love it so much! : D Thanks for the hard work!