Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Reading Ingenuo (No Spoilers)

Ingenuo, for a while, was one of the top poll choices. It is now tied with Paradise City. If it really comes down to a tie, I will likely go with Ingenuo first (I hope you understand; there are only 2 volumes left and it has already been started!).

Anyways, INGENUO IS PRETTY AWESOME :) I don't really feel like it's that repetitive (okay, a few places here and there, but manhuas/mangas always do that, yes?). But I really love the characters, especially after reading some of Steel Rose. I love Leting even more! :) And Louis is better than in Steel Rose, in my opinion. But yeah. I'm still on volume 7, so I have a few more to read through before I'm caught up, but I'm really excited about it! :)

I might start getting super addicted to manga again >___>"


  1. Yes yes yes... Please work on Ingenuo since it only has 2 more volumes left :) If you'd like, you can always start working on a new one once Ingenuo is finished xD

  2. I'm working on Ingenuo right now :) So far, I have about 15 pages translated :)