Friday, July 23, 2010

Previews of Ingenuo Chapter 70 (Spoiler, I guess?)

So... I'm done translating! I'm just waiting to post, because I want to be consistent with release dates. I'm looking at the 15th and the 25th as release dates (because The One releases on the 5th). I'll try to keep up, so I won't post any chapters early, unless I've really got ahead. Anyway, I'll take these two days to finish up the work I've been procrastinating on. Hmmm... (I'm behind 6000 words on my novel :D). So here's a few previews of the next chp to keep you occupied for two days :) (and also to get people to visit the blog haha)

I'll be posting LINKS here, so you don't get angry for spoiling, haha.

... and that's all you get, but those are pretty effin good pictures! Happy reading!

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