Sunday, July 25, 2010

Note on Names [Spoiler-ish if you're not up to date]

Important note about names:

Yung Jo is actually "Yang Zhao"; it just bothered me to see inaccuracies, because it's important that his name is "Zhao" because that is the verb in "to take (photos)." but I've retained original translation for consistency, as well as replacing "Yang da-ge"(Yang big brother) with Jo.

This really doesn't give the feel for the relationship between Jiayu and Jo. Da Ge means big brother, and is usually a term of respect that you would give to someone you look up to. It is definitely not a name you would call your lover. I think the translation given in one of the previous chapters was the most accurate, "Yang Sempai" (though it is a Japanese term). Hmm, now that I think of it, Japanese terms are really main stream, where as no one ever wants to translate Chinese honorifics, hm? Maybe I should translate it simply as "Dage." I mean, you all pretty much know what it means, right?

Also, while we're on Japanese terms, my friend (whose name shall remain secret for now because I'm not sure if she wants her name publically used, or whether she wants to adopt a pseudonym. Let's call her... Jane; she's the same friend who will be translating with me) Jane pointed out to me that when Jiayu uses the terms "Oji-san" in earlier volumes, those are not really "Japanese" terms she is using; they're Taiwanese slang. (Jane as Taiwanese and very touchy, especially when I point out Taiwan is simply one of China's islands. :D... but that's politics).

Okay, so back to J/J. Jiayu obviously likes Jo, and he kisses her, but she actually does NOT know if he loves her. After all, she thinks he has a girlfriend in New York, which is actually her >___>" so stupid, JIayu, really? So, this is basically an explanation of why they're not together, because she still doesn't regard him as her boyfriend, or lover, because HE doesn't give any indications he wants her to just call him Jo, and not Yang Da-ge.

Just thought you guys would like to know this :) Have a lovely day, and happy reading!

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  1. Thanks for the explanation. It makes more sense.
    I wish they had used da-ge from the start, I 'm picky about these things too. Honorifics are so important!
    On a side note, like Lulu said it's so funny that Zhao/Jo, who is experienced with women, doesn't know what to do with Jiayu. It's sweet ^_^