Thursday, July 22, 2010

Poll results are IN! And other news and announcements!

Ingenuo: 36
Full House: 6
Paradise City: 7
Youth Gone Wild: 2

Haha, it looks like Ingenuo wins :D. I will definitely keep working on it. After Ingenuo, I will be working on Paradise City! I have nice raws for that, so it should go rather smoothly. Also, if anyone has good quality raws for Ingenuo, I would be ABSOLUTELY DELIGHTED to have them. The little words are really hard to read, especially if I don't recognize the characters. It would help to have larger, better files.

Someone PMed me on Mangafox, asking me to help her translate Perfect Girl Evolution (Wallflower), and at this point I don't have much time to do so, but I think that if she doesn't do it on her own (I'm assuming she... didn't bother checking. Most people who read shoujo are shes, right?), I might pick up the project at a later date, because I did at one point translate a chapter of it (though admittedly, it was badly done... Cireus later replaced my chp haha :D). I won't ask for your opinions on this at this point, because everything is still rather uncertain.

Moving on, I have updated the "About" page, in case you want to read it. Also, I will be updating the project page rather frequently, so check back in case you want to check out what page I'm on, and what I'm working on.

And uh, that's all I have to say! Also, please suscribe for notifications and news on my projects. Once I get this blog more settled down, I will be writing about other manga series that I like :) And please vote on the poll to the right. I just want to get a headcount of my readers :) Thanks! Have a great day, guys, and happy reading!

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