Friday, October 8, 2010

Updates on The One 70

Helloooo everybody! So I just wanted to give all of you a few updates on this month's issue of "The One." I am working on the chapter right now, and I have finished translating the entire chapter. The raws that I received are not very high quality, as they were photographs taken on a floor, not actual scans. But I have sent them to Angela, who will hopefully help me clean the pages again this month :) I hope that whitesunnie will be posting higher quality scans soon, but if she doesn't, I may just go along with these scans. But please keep in mind that they will definitely be lower quality. The coloring is not very great, as there are so many shadows in different areas of the photos, and many of the scans are very blurry. I will do my best with them, so I hope you will bear with the quality.

Thanks everybody!

In case anybody can't wait to read the chapter, here is the summary.

***SLIGHT SPOILER*** (more of a heads-up) Don't read if you really don't want to know! But it's not that bad... haha

Really, don't read if you don't want to be spoiled.

So Lele does not appear in this chapter poopoo ): I know that will disappoint a lot of you, but there IS something else that makes the chapter worth it.

I think that a lot of people are complaining about the lack of romance recently, and that frustrates me. First off, think about Lele and Eros's situation: in Lele's eyes, Eros just tried to rape her and use her, so she broke it off with him. He appeared to be cold, and even insulted her by asking if they could still be friends. There is not going to be romance after that!!! Also, I think it is also important to get backstories on characters. If that means drawing focus to other characters, I think that is okay. Because thinking about this realistically, I know that the author is going to bring Lele into the subplot. Why else would she be in Europe? (Besides expanding her career... but... yeah hahha)

I think that Nicky Lee is giving more substance to the actual story than simply writing a mushy fluff story. I think that is the part people should focus on: good story telling. Too many people focus on unimportant parts... which is maybe why people like Twilight, despite that fact is it is written poorly. But anyways, that's my opinion. If you want to bitch me out because you're a Twilight/fluff fan, write it below!


  1. In my opinion, any chapter with Eros and Angus is a good chapter. And I so agree with you. What's the point of reading a story that doesn't explore every angle of the main characters and their background? Romance is good but it's best when it's done in moderation.

    This also happens in Kuroshitsuji. I'm a fan for the faustian plot and the power struggle between human and demon and their motives, as well as the Phantomhive family's mysterious past and the cases Ciel is appointed by the Crown to investigate. But, a major part of the fanbase is just content to reduce it to a romance and always SQUEAL at what is implied or perceived by them as a Ciel/Sebastian "moment". Fanservice can indeed be a very bad thing. See how the second season was ruined by catering to much to it (though the ending was quite appropriate. But, they still ruined the whole plot. And I was so mad that every secondary character were plainly ignored or used for comic relief).

    Sorry for the rant. I'll be patiently waiting for the new chapter of the One. Bye!

  2. Haha I haven't gotten that far, so thanks for not spoiling it for me. But I have noticed the fact that the author does do that. I like that she is female, so she does cater to a female, as well as male, audience. (And sometimes, I do go, "Awww," but I actually read the story because it's historical fiction, and I love those! Especially the Victorian era.)

    I think that all good stories should have an element of romance, but many people regard romance novels as "trashy," so what makes shoujo manga with no other content besides romance for fans any better than that? I don't know.

    But I'm glad to find someone who agrees with me at least :)

  3. Don't be frustrated, there are a lot of people who enjoy The One a lot but don't necessarily voice their opinion. Fandom can become very poisoning. I try to avoid forums because it can ruin the story for me when I read how people are complaining because they didn't read carefully or missed the bigger picture.
    With The One, I think there is a problem with expectations. People wanted to read shojo *fluff* and they don't understand where the father-sons conflict and shonen ai is coming from "all of the sudden". But these issues have been hinted to from the start and now they are explored.
    And the tension between Lele and Eros is still very present.

  4. Hiya <3 I a agree with you. I see why people love the romance part, but what I really like the best with The One is how Nicky Lee gives the story such depth. I am the extremly emotional kind, and this manga's made me cry really hard, but also laugh so hard that the people I live with think I'm insane. As I've been sitting alone infront of the computer laughing really loudly.

    It isn't one of those stories where the characters meet, accidentally kiss, somebody transfers, they become a couple, a different character arrives, it becomes a triangle, the couple have a happy ending - and you can't even remember the name of the manga afterwards.

    The one you will remember! I did. I was ill with mononucleosis for almost a year and I had all kinds of deseases afterwards. Like streptococcs, influenzas and pneumonias. And when I finally got better one of the few mangas I still remembered clearly and wanted to read was The One.

    And as the previous commentor mentions, the tension is still present in the story.

  5. I completely agree with you about Nicky Lee trying to get away from main stream and taking out the fluff component. Personally I think this is one of Lee's best and love the storyline and artwork for it.
    @ Aleden, glad to hear that you went through all that and made it! Hope you stay healthy in the future!

  6. hey kat, keep forgetting about your blog here hehe. i posted in mangafox but going to post here again in case you need slightly better raws than the ones previously posted.

    this's from baidu.

    slightly clearer ^.^

  7. Hey ;]
    thank you so much for subbing. I love the one as a manga that speaks not only about romance. I wish Lele would pay more attention to her career and i love the way Nicky Lee makes Eros not have any flashbacks of Lele when he goes through most dangerous 'mission'. It's how life goes, it's not like we can always think of the other person when so much is going on. I wish the next chapter be half on what's going on with eros and half with the development of Lele's techniques in modelling ;]

    I am sure though that romance will reappear in the end of volume or in the next one ;]

    thx again for translating ^^