Thursday, October 28, 2010

At least they got back to me quickly.

What a great way to end a not-so-pleasant day. I'm really disappointed in Google. I still don't understand what even happened. What do they mean invalid click activity? Couldn't they at least tell me what was wrong with the blog?

Seriously. All I got was a note telling me that their experts had rejected my appeal after "thorough reviewing." What did I even do wrong!?

Argh. So I'm going to wait a bit and appeal again, though the likelihood of that going through is like 0.

Thanks everyone for all your kind comments. I really appreciate it!


  1. I've actually heard about this before in many other cases. Google is really weird and erratic and might just suspend an account for no reason at all... There are other alternative advertisers like clicksor. you can google (ha) adsense alternatives.

  2. I Hope it will go better soon :(

  3. There are ways to find out whether a click is invalid or not. Google Adsense/Adwords are hosted in MANY, MANY websites and blogs... I doubt they would do something like this for no reason at all. Invalid clicks can be caused by bots, or even people clicking away for no reason at all, and you can find these out pretty easily by checking IP addresses and I think they may also be able to say which user is spending how much time on a particular site/ad after clicking. There are so many ways to do it!!

    I wouldn't be mad at Google if I were you!! It's probably the other people (or bots) who have been violating your blog!!

    The following link explains things, although not exactly all too clearly.

  4. @Maliha: I know this is true, but I have no idea why anyone would do something like this! The problem with their system is not that they have disabled the account. It's that I do not know the real reason!

    But I think I'll try again with adbrite, though it is a little late for breast cancer month. I'll try to get up to what we had before, then delete the ads, because they're annoying to look at. Haha. Thanks, though for the kind comments, everyone.