Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Paradise City Information and Introduction

Here's just an introduction for those of you looking forward to Paradise City. I haven't read that far in, so that's what I have so far. Hope you enjoy it!

Summary: Carl is preparing to carry out a conspiracy that will destroy JB's position in the music world. Meanwhile, Renee must subtly express her own feelings. The sadness and happiness of fate will cause more twists and turns in Ike's life path. The 2 years separated Ike finally returns to Renee's side, with new songs and wishes. This time, he will bravely confront his own feelings and life.

(Translated from here).

Here's what I've noticed just from reading the first chapter.

With silver hair and sunglasses, Ike becomes JB, a famous rock and roll star whose true identity is unknown (JB IS NOT JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!). When he one day discovers he is being followed, he must move out of his house and find a new place. How will his paths cross with Renee White, the daughter of a fashion designer and younger sister of a beautiful model, especially when she is suddenly thrust into their world?

JB aka Ike: A rock and roll star with a secret identity. He has to move out of his house due to a stalker.
Johnny: JB's manager.
Renee White: A high school girl who has heavy domestic responsibilities cooking for her sister, a model, and her mother, a fashion designer, who don't know how to cook at all, and are seemingly more interested in boys and the fashion world than her.
Chi White: Renee's sister, a very beautiful model. Her name literally means "White Gem/rock."


  1. haha
    sounds interesting... well, it's Lee Nicky after all...
    Looking forward to the chapters!!
    Thanks for picking up this manga.

  2. I love Lee Nicky and have wanted to read this when JB showed up in Youth Gone Wild. So I am waiting patiently or trying to anyway lol

  3. Do you have the raws for Paradise City. Do you know links where we can also reaqd them?