Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Paradise City and Steel Rose

I just started reading Paradise City!

Either my Chinese is getting better, or this manhua has many easy words. It does require certain heavy translation areas where I bust out my dictionary, but it's been mostly okay.

But I have no way to measure this because this is a new manhua haha. Those of you who learn a second or even third language, how long does/did it take? Are you not fluent?

Anyway, I started compiling a short introduction to this series (instead of doing my homework hahahhahaha. All my IB papers are due.. Oh well. If I don't think about them, I can convince myself they don't exist. Boooooo). I'll have a brief character list and summary soon!

Anyway, there's that series. If you have any questions, let me know!

About Steel Rose, because people have asked, I will be working with Lila Wolves to get chapters out. I'm supposed to be sent Chapter 15 soon.

I have another chapter of VB Rose ready, and will probably upload it in the next few days.

No news on The One.


  1. I'm superfan of Lee nicky and Youth Gone Wild so It'd be grat if you take Paradise City as a proyect :)

  2. Jaja, Koala, cuando yo vi como escribiste "project," yo supe que hablas espanol porque es "proyecto" in espanol, pero es "project" in ingles. Si es mas conveniente hablarme en espanol, puedes usar espanol, y yo puedo practicar tambien :) Yo ya termine el primer capitulo de Paradise City. Quiero traducir unos capitulos antes de ponerlos en mi blog. :)

  3. wow, Kat tu sabes espanol tambien?

    I was actually wondering the same question about how long it takes to be fluent in a second language as well. I already know English and Spanish from my childhood but since I'm learning my 3rd & 4th languages (Japanese & Chinese) I really feel that it takes a long time to get fluent at a language.

    Anyway, thank you for picking up Steel Rose as a project, looking forward to it.

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  5. Again I'm sooo happy!! Can't wait for the chapters!! Regarding the second and third language, well It all depends on your discipline learning the language, I mean if you practice listening songs (in the language you are learning) watching programs and stuff the learning and understanding will be easier and faster. I'm Colombian, so my first language is Spanish, I started learning English very early, 6-7 years old. I think I'm fluent. 2 years ago I started learning French, but I't on stand by righ now. Recently I started Japanese and OMG I absolutely love it!!

  6. ohh No había visto tu comentario en español, es muy bueno!! Felicidades!

  7. Wow Maria! Has estudiado muchos idiomas! Es facil que una persona que habla espanol tambien hable frances o ingles, pero japones is muy diferente! Felicidades, y buena suerte. Tambien quiero aprender japones, pero es muy diferente que chino, aunque muchas personas creen que es muy similar. NO ES! jajaja. Gambatte! :)

  8. No! De hecho japonés le resulta muy fácil a una persona que habla español en cuanto a la pronunciación. Son muy parecidos los sonidos, la escritura es más complicada. El fránces es parecido a español, pero su pronunciación es muy diferente. Me gusta mucho más el japonés que el francés. Arigatou Gambarimasu!

  9. Ah, si. Yo tengo una amiga que es de japon (mas o menos; su madre es de japon, su padre es de los EU). Por supuesto el escrito es dificil, pero me alegra que "kanji" son caracteras de chino! entonces, aunque no se unas palabras, puedo entender un poco :)

    frances es muy dificil hablar ): la pronunciacion no hay sentido hahaha.

  10. Thank you for working on Steel Rose! I look forward to it!.