Monday, February 21, 2011

Regarding Manga-sharing Sites

Hello all,

Thank you to the readers who pointed out to me that chapters are being posted to mangareader before the public release date.

I am bewildered by this situation, especially because this is not the first time it has happened. Last chapter, mangareader also posted early, so I asked them not to do so in the future. They apologized and assured me that it would not happen again. Obviously, they're full of crap, and I try not to bash people too hard on here for politeness's sake, but they seriously are. So I shot them another email a few days ago letting them know that I did not want my chapters uploaded to their site in the future, and they still have not responded.

Not that I think it's solely their fault because someone must have uploaded it who reads this blog. I appreciate everyone who reads on my blog, so I really want to give my readers a gift for their support.

This is not to say that I do not like manga-sharing sites. I really do love them. They make manga readily available for those in other countries who may not have access to either the originals or the licensed and translated ones. I have never had problems with mangatraders or mangafox, which I have never had problems with. In fact, when MF mistakenly uploaded one of my chapters early one time, the uploader (who must have had administrative privileges) immediately apologized and locked the chapter until the official release date. They have really been very accommodating, and I find that they are very respectful of both mangakas, publishers, and scanslators. So it was, I thought, disrespectful to post the link to mangareader on a MF forum.

In any case, after debating what I should do, I have decided not to allow downloading of the chapter, at least while the chapter is exclusively on my blog.

Thank you all for leaving me messages about this. I really appreciate it!



  1. Thank you for still being willing to put the new chapters up on your blog! I check it all the time for new scans, and I really appreciate your work. It's really frustrating that some people seem to think that they can ignore the wishes of the people who actually put in all the effort into the project.

    I'm glad you had such a good experience with that mangafox uploader. MF is the reader I use but I don't think I'd be able to keep with it if it were treating scanlators improperly. The news about the forum is disappointing.

  2. There´s not much I can do, but to show support. In my country it´s completely impossible to buy manga (original or translated), i can only buy them when I go to Europe. So, thanks to you I can read my manga, and when I go to Europe I buy the ones I liked.

    So, the only way I can think to show my thanks, is to promisse you that I won´t ever read in mangareader again.

  3. Hi Kat, thanks for your work. As usual, those who pay pay pay and pay again for a few's ill-work are us, the majority of your law abiding readers and followers. Many like me, with time internet connections, have a HUGE necessity to avoid reading online, so d/l is our main resource. I don't understand why ppl cannot follow such simple rule as respecting the timing scanlators ask for. I really don't. Meanwhile I'm trying to read ingenuo online, hoping for a download archive sometimes soon.

  4. so much of this is happening everywhere, i feel sorry for all scanlators and translators who put so much work into their releases!
    we're on your side, thanks so much for the great job you're doing! don't let them spoil your mood ^^