Saturday, February 12, 2011

News on Stuff

V.B. Rose:

I'm starting to get a little frustrated and annoyed.

"I already have all the volumes. Even volume 11 - it came out this January, y' know?
I thought about it... do you want to work on this manga together?
Also, how do you get rid of the gutters? I don't want to bend my manga, thought...

Plus a question: Some of your volumes - I think volumes 6 and 8 - do they have some pages that are narrower?"

This is my response:

"Can you keep up to a schedule? Because under my schedule I could probably get a chapter done in an hour, which would make vols. 8-9 not take very long to scan. How long will it take you to scan? I don't have volume 10, but it wouldn't take long for me to get it. Beyond volume 11, I could translate the chinese raws that are out there.

You need editing and cleaning to clean up gutters without bending manga. Even with cleaning, there will still be gutters. The best method is simply to bend the manga.

I don't have volume 6. I don't think volume 8 has narrower pages. "

To be honest, if I had the inclination, I could have scanned all of 8-9 by now. I try to be efficient with time so that I can get more chapters put out. But we'll see. I did consider just reneging on my promise and scanning all of them because it does depend on how fast she scans hers.

Hmm. I'll let you knwo more later.

The One:

The pages are cleaned, I just have to translate, but I'm super busy this weekend, so please bear with me.


  1. Glad to know you have The One now... I have read the summaries and I'm just super confused.

    VB Rose... just ditch her!!!

    sorry, she just sounds annoying!

    Thanks again for working on The One, Ingenuo, and VB Rose! =)

  2. have The One. I was afraid you wouldn't translate The One because this is the only source I had to read The One. Thanks and I'll wait patiently..hehe~

  3. i don't read vb rose but it sounds like your pace is much quicker & you already tried to negotiate with her so just do your own thing & don't worry about anyone else . supposedly , you're both doing it for the fans right ? the other person sounds like they're just doing it for their own self satisfaction instead, trying to limit your progress .

  4. I know I haven't responded to these comments before on this topic, so I'll respond here. She told me that she would do volumes 10-11, but she wants me to edit/clean her pages. My answer is no way. If she doesn't want to bend her books to get clean scans, that's her problem. So I will for sure scan vol. 8-9. If she can't get her scans without me cleaning them, I will just scan them myself. If I finish before new volumes come out, I will translate the raws out there. If they do come out before I finish, I will simply scan them.

    Thank you all for your support, and I know I have been obscenely slow on The One, so thank you so much for your patience. I love you all :)