Thursday, January 20, 2011

Updates and Answers

Here are a few answers to questions I have received recently:


are you planning to continue doing this? by the way, i can't find the first 37 chapters.. anyone care to share where to download them?

Yes. I probably will continue, but I can't promise consistent uploading. Sorry! I am too busy to upload VB Rose on a strict schedule, but I will try to get it out as much as possible. It maybe be super sporadic, but it won't be like once a year. I promise. I know that Mangatraders does not allow VB Rose to be uploaded, but Mangafox has it for viewing purposes only. Other than that, I would search it up.

The One:

is there really a book of the one??

No. There is not. "The One" is a manhua, which is Chinese, and Chinese manhuas do not usually get licensed by American publishers. So no, there is no book of The One. As far as I know, I am the only translator of this manhua. Unless you can read Chinese, this is not available in English books.

To my international friends: Wow! Thank you so, so much for your overwhelming response. I am so happy to see so many people, and I really am surprised by the diversity. I guess I assumed that North America would dominate, but I am so totally wrong! So thank you to all my European viewers and readers especially. And thank you all to everyone who commented for the first time. It was truly amazing to see so many people from all different places of the world respond. It was really great.

Hablantes de espanol, gracias por las ofertas de ayuda para mi tarea. Ahora, creo que esta bien, pero si necesito ayuda o tengo preguntas, yo se que puedo preguntar a ustedes. Otra vez, muchas gracias. :) Pero si quieren hablar conmigo en espanol, por favor haganlo! Yo siempre estoy feliz cuando tengo una oportunidad para practicar espanol. Tambien, si yo tengo errores, por favor diganme, a excepcion de acentos, porque no tengo acentos en mi computadora americana jaja.

To my middle Eastern friends, I suppose I forgot that region, though I had sort of counted it with Asia. Maybe I should have made a different category, which is why I suppose some of you chose "other," which I was surprised at. I hope there were no martians voting... Well, actually it would be interesting if there were.

To my Lithuanian friend, I do know where Lithuania is! I once met a girl from Estonia who assumed everyone does not know where her country is, but trust me, I am such a geography nerd. I hung a world map in my room :) I still have it haha but it's not on my wall. So thank you for letting me know! I think it is so interesting (especially because I am currently reading The Jungle which discusses a Lithuanian family).

To my New York friend, I absolutely love New York, especially Manhattan, NYC :) I'm so in love with big cities really. I hope it is not too cold out there on the East Coast!

Everyone seriously, thank you so much for all your well wishes for my schoolwork. I really just came on here to blow off some steam/waste some time haha, but thank you so much for the encouragement! It's very motivating. Also, just curious, for everyone living in Africa, in which country do you live? I'm going to guess South Africa. Or Egypt, but I have no idea really. So ignorant... And anyone who answered "other" and does not live in the Middle East, where DO you live? Also, do I have any Danish/Swedish/Norwegian readers? How about Russian? Greek? Anywhere else?

I seriously wish that I could speak all of your native languages to thank you all properly, but unfortunately, you are all too diverse and cosmopolitan for me. I suppose that I could converse with the whole South American continent in espanol, and Spain, though I am not perhaps as fluent as I would like to be. I know a few words of French, mostly "Parlez-vous Anglais?" and "Ou est le Metro??!!" Those came in most handy when I visited Paris. Again, in Italy, I only managed to pick up "Dove il metro?" and "Uscita" and "Sinistra/destra" and something about "jardin." Seriously, this guy was talking to me so fast in Italian, and I could pick up a few words here and there, but really, knowing one romance language is not enough to comprehend the rest. So I ended up getting lost in the garden hahhaha. And German... hmm. Sadly, most of what I know is from the WWII era. I know "Frau," "Fraulein," and I forget Mister. Crap. I had a German friend once who taught me a few words, but I'm really terrible at pronunciation. I can't even say "Auf wiedersehen." Sorry. I just cannot pronounce your consonants haha. But someday, I want to try to learn. And other languages, don't even cherish hopes that I may say more than one word in the language. I suppose I should learn hello and goodbye to say to all of you. So here it is my dramatic exit! If I missed your language, let me know how to say goodbye and hello in your language! Thank you for reading such a long and boring post haha!

See you soon! Hasta luego! A bientot! Arrivederci! Auf wiedersehen! Sudie! 下次再見﹗さようなら! Selamat tinggal! Zbogom! до побачення! ลาก่อน!وداعا !


  1. Hi
    You must be very good at foreign languages! If you want to know Mister in German it's "Herr" : ) I'm from Switzerland and I have French and English at school but I'm not really good at it. My mother language is a special form of German which is called Swiss German. To say hello we say "Hoi" and to say goodbye we say "Tschau".
    Thank you very much for uploading the One!

  2. it's not a boring post!! not at all!!! i really like the fact that you are deeply interested in your readers!!! im yours a long time ago lol but i never commented ... sorry :( by the way .. your spanish is really fluent where did you learnt it??? its trully awesome!!!

    i totally sherish that passion of yours to learn foreign lenguages but i love english that much that i've been doing almost everything in english for the last two or three years ( my mother lenguage is spanish btw)though i really loved that semester i took of german and i definitely WILL learn japanese ... someday LOl

    well i was just saying hi and ended up writting an essay haha so.. sorry by all my blabbing and good luck with your blog

    and please please find the one soon ... bye:)

  3. Ah! I remember all of a sudden. I think Switzerland is such an awesome country because it's kind of like Singapore in my mind. Okay, probably not really, and it's just my American ignorance speaking, but I still think it's cool haha. Thank you for telling me those words! I will eventually figure out how to pronounce German consonants :)

    Alexa, muchas gracias por leer mi blog :) Aprendo espanol en mi escuela, pero he estudiado por... 4 anos! Mi escuela es demasiado lente jaja. Tu hablas ingles muy bien! Aleman es muy dificil para mi. Nunca entiendo la pronunciation, tampoco la gramatica XP. A veces, estudio un poco japones porque tengo una amiga japones, y es mas facil porque ya hablo chino, y algunos partes son similares, pero chino y japones no son iguales! Pero buena suerte! Si decides a estudiar japones, puedes practicarlo conmigo :)

  4. For me, your message was touching <33. I totally agree with Alexa, yo you seem to care a lot about your readers(I think it is obvious to be interested in your readers (afterall, you make all of this effort not only because you like but also you're expecting at least some kind of reaction, response from the others. Please don't take it wrong and correct me if I'm wrong)...but you do it in a very nice way =D.

    4 años?,pero que genial que les enseñen otros idiomas. En mi escuela solo me enseñaron el español y algo básico del inglés. Kat, tu español seems very good(I can't find a proper translation jajaja). Yo también me ofrezco a ayudarte con tus tareas, y placticar y practicar tus lecciones en español por skype cuando quieras.

    I'm also another foreign-language lover!! Now, I'm only learning English but I plan to learn mandarin after I finish Ensglish. I'd like to learn japanese first but mandarin seems more useful now. Take care!! =)

  5. hello! i read the blog often. so i wanted to say "hej" and "hej då" form Sweden :)

  6. Hi, I don't know if it's the right section.
    Anyway, apparently the scanlator of the One has resigned due to health reasons and posted a thread to recruit.
    Saw the information there:

    Your fellow reader from Paris =)

  7. Hi, your post is so touching and funny ;) I really liked it ^^

    In Poland for 'hello' we say 'hej' (spoken like hey ;)) or 'czesc' (spoken... well cz = ch from chip; e= like e from previous s=just normal 's' will do :P c= like ts from cats)

    Ehh... so we've got a puzzle now :P

    The good thing is you can use it as 'bye' as well ;P

  8. hehe! i bet you are going to be confused for a second when u read that i am from Romania.

    :) i love your work and your happy comments and your good english and cute translating jokes(and if there are any-translate the puzzle words-those are great- as well--if u may). i am really happy that you r doing the one(that is what i read here) and ...well i hope to read more from you!!!
    post more often...about anything. :D i like reading you...
    kisses....or how i say it "te pup". dunno how u should say it...the sounds are waaaay different from english...made we'll meet one day and i'll teach you!. ^_^ later!