Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Semester [random ramblings]

is ending and I'm definitely pretending I don't have to do
- an English essay worth double points
- a Spanish presentation that I'm probably going to wing
- a physics lab report that I've barely started on
and any other innumerable things. I'm getting tired of just thinking of them, so I'll stop at those three major assignments due this week haha.

So please excuse me if I am tardy with Ingenuo. I know that we have been spotty with Ingenuo releases recently, but we will get them done, we promise! Grase and I probably want to focus on finals. Please be patient, and thank you dearest readers!


  1. Glad to hear from u! i've been checking the site everyday cause i was so worried about u becuase we didnt hear from u since the start of the new year! so happy belated new year! and wishing uh the best of luck!!! hope u do well in all those major assignments :D

  2. First of all I hope you do great on your assignments! And if you need any help with the Spanish presentation let me know, I'm Colombian ^^. Also what do you know about The One chapter? Did it come out this month?? I haven't seen any raws or summary! If you know anything please tell me. Anyway I wish you good luck!!!

  3. Thank you LP!

    Maria, thank you so much for the offer, but I presented today. I am mostly pretty competent at Spanish, but I get super nervous, so there's was a lot of "uhms" hahaha. That's really cool, though! Now I have a Colombian friend and an Argentine friend :)