Friday, January 21, 2011

Not continuing VB Rose

Hello all,

I am not continuing VB Rose, as I received this message on MF:

"Actually, I was planning on taking on V.B. Rose project (
I created a scanlation group for this and other project. (I'm also in process of buying the manga)...
I feel kinda bad that you snatched it from under my nose especially that I worked on cleaning the scans from Ishikkah before.
Besides, you messed up with leveling it.
I don't want to be mean though..."

She will be taking on the project, so visit her blog for more information!

[EDIT] I will at least be finishing vol. 7. After that, probably not.


  1. Wow. There are a hundred other ways to write this message, and she chose a semi-mean way to write it (despite her persuasive efforts).

    Ah well. Thanks for letting us know!

  2. I definitely second the comment above (not trying to attack the person who sent it). It sounds a bit catty in my opinion, but whatever, I think you do a great job scanlating and that's all that counts. I would have picked your scans above the rest (because you're awesome). :)

    (I don't read VB Rose, though, so...ha!)

  3. Hmm. I thought I was being a bit catty about posting it haha, but I chose to make no comment on the phrasing. I think she is also from a foreign country, which would cause a language barrier? But still, I did make it abundantly clear in my reply to her that I thought that her message was rude. Still, I'll try to be nice and not return the rudeness.

    I only feel I could scan these chapters out pretty quickly, making for decent, though not excellent quality.

    But thank you both for your nice comments :)

  4. so where are the scans from that person? I haven't seen anything on VB Rose for ages!!! The audacity!!!
    Wish you could continue... you are so much faster than some of the other scanlators out there!

  5. that as a realy rude message! i think she could've choosen other kind of words to say exactly the same thing.... anyway.. just dont pay attention to her!!! we know you're the best!!!

  6. I went to this girls blogg and she only just got volume 3! Could you please keep scanning since it does not seem like she will be posting anything new. And your scans are fantastic there is absolutly nothing wrong with them.

  7. Hello friends, I will be at least finishing volume 8. We'll see what happens after that. I know the quality isn't super high, but scanning it at that means that I can finish a chapter within an hour.

  8. just because another group is scanning it does not mean that you have to stop. this person has no right to tell you what to do. so if you want to keep scanning go right ahead. she cant do anything to you. You cant read other peoples minds, you didn't know that she was thinking or was going to scan them. Plus if she is so far behind than i don't know why it matters. If people want to get so hang up on grammar or spelling or whatever than they should not read scanlations in the first place.

    I want to thank you for the hard work that you do do. I cant wait for the next The One chapter.

  9. All I can say to that email is "so?" You had no idea this person was planning to form a group and scanlate. Besides, more than one group working on a project is not a big deal - and I say this as a former scanlation team member.

    Sh!t happens and the internet is a very big place, we're supposed to be doing this kind of thing out of love, anyway XD

  10. i've seen that 'other blog', and turns out that she (it's a she right?) only have the first book only and only the 5th book available for download. when will she plan to do the scanlation? by reading her message, i assume she already have all 14 volumes and already halfway done, at least.

    hope you'll continue this series.. so far, you're doing wonderfull job scanlating and pretty quick too. cause for me, there's no problem for a few groups to do the same series. all you need to determine are the name, and which volume done by who. well, it's an opinion from the reader though. so maybe for a scanlator it's a whole lot more involved.

  11. I hate it.. you should continue scanlate it.. they don't have any vb rose volume to read or download. they just got volume 2 manga, and that's all.
    please continue the scanlation... we support you..!

  12. ever heard of finders keepers, honestly some scanlators should stop telling others not to do a project b'cuz they are working on it, i mean in all fairness,they are not the authors so what gives them the right to tell other ppl what to do

  13. Noo, she doesn't. Just a nice snatch and mess. Is she the mangaka anyway? Thank you for all your work up till today!

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  15. It's been over a year and she never posted anything. Isn't that just cute! -_-