Thursday, December 16, 2010

The One Raws are out!!!!!


Here they are! I'll have to get back to my homework now, but I flipped through a few pages. It doesn't look too word dense, so that's lovely.

See you lovelies later!


  1. I can't help it. I'm losing my grasp on this story. It was something, and now it became something else. I loved the story before, and now it's just a story about a screwed up family. I don't mind psychological stories, but this one doesn't even look like it's properly laid out. I'm sorry, but I failed to see any character development so far after this whole thread started. I'm disappointed. up until 10 chapters ago this was one of my most favorite manga, but 10 chapters, ONLY 10 chapters down the road and I'm already losing patience. but then 10 chapters means 10 months... add the months Nicky was out, that makes it over a year. It would have been worth the wait only if this thread was even remotely interesting, but unfortunately it's not!!!

  2. I think that bits and pieces shine through, but again, they are so uncharacteristic of the original manhua. It's actually not too bad for me because I actually DON'T REALLY REMEMBER what happened before. On MF, there used to be this thread about which part was someone's "favorite" part of the manhua, and I flipped back to those pages and it was so different!

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  4. See that's the thing though. I mean, may be I could accept this only if this was a different manga altogether. You do not start reading a manga, fall in love with it, just to have it become a totally separate manga.

    I thought Nicky knew better than this. A good author should. Be it a manga or a novel, things need to follow a structure. Nicky lost hers in The One.