Thursday, December 23, 2010

I love reading manga so much...

... that I probably look like an old pervert when I read because I'm smiling so creepily at fluffy parts and going "uhuhuhuhu."

Anyways, I'm reading VB Rose right now. What manga series are you all enjoying this holiday season?

Also, I might not get this chapter of Ingenuo done by Christmas. WAH. Forgive me ):


  1. no prob... :)
    take your time...
    Well, you've always made some wonderful releases
    We're really gratefull, cuz there's someone who want to scanlating Ingenuo and the One and that is you.... XD
    Merry Christmas!!! :))

  2. I probably look the same as you! hehehe (^o^) Oh well, I love manga, especially manga that makes me lol and smile, ahh...

    I'm also reading VB Rose, it can't come out fast enough for me, it's cute, no? I wish I was talented like Ageha.