Sunday, December 12, 2010

Meditations on Ingenuo Chp 77 [SPOILER ALERT]

Since we are getting close to the close of this manhua, I thought I might finally put in my own two cents about the newest chapter (it will be coming out very soon! Thank you all for being patient through my rocky November!).

I actually really enjoyed this chapter. I think that everything is coming together very nicely, and the characters are just SUPERB. I think we see a great shift in everything.

- Though Aiwen is far from my favorite character, I can finally begin to accept him, as I think he is also beginning to accept Jiayu/Jo. I think that perhaps he may earn some pity points in the future. I really am glad that he has become less forceful. After all, he really is only a teenager, and his behavior is entirely understandable, to be honest.

- Gio begins to look pitiful, not to earn pity points, but his behavior merely makes him look childish, as Aiwen points out. He is like a pathetic puppy that doesn't warrant a pity dogbone. But I think his character is filled out a little more.

- Jo is beginning to look more human. I'm glad that he and Ms. Zhang finally had a heart to heart. I think that Jo is really very complicated. He is such a delightful mix of contradictions, with a painful past and family to boot. A lot of people complain about him, but I really like how Ryan develops his character. Everything has a motivation, everything has a reason, and I think Ryan really does a good job expressing the nature of Jiayu/Jo's relationship in this chapter.

- Jiayu is going back to her cute childish (not annoying immature) ways that I kind of missed. Though she is still a kid, we definitely see her mature.

- HOW COOL IS MS. ZHANG?!?!?!?! Okay, that's all I have to say for her. 8D

- Even the director is a little better, but I am a little uncertain and skeptical still. When he tells Jiayu that he likes her work, I think he is being genuine, though he could also be pointing it out in order to get her to stay with the project. I don't know. I think we should adopt the humanist opinion here, though.

Anyway, because the chapter had so much content (both pagewise, and plotwise), it was really a struggle for Grase and I to translate, but we finally did it! Some things we discovered were UTTERLY UNTRANSLATABLE, but we somehow struggled through it, and hope we conveyed Ryan's message properly.

I will be posting the chapter very, very soon, so remember to be filled with antici--



  1. yaayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
    I have been dying to read a new chapter of Ingenuo, specially now that the manga is almost over, I can't be patient!!!
    But I also understand that you might have been really busy. And I really appreciate taking time out for this project that doesn't pay in the cash!! But I hope you at least have some fun doing it for all of us fans! =)
    Thank you so much for finishing this manhua. It's one of my favorites and even a few hundred thousand thanks wouldn't be enough to convey my gratefulness to you, I'm afraid!

    Now let's just hope The One raws are out soon!!


  2. Haha yeah me too! It sucks for you guys coz you can't read! Even if I don't translate, at least I can actually read, so I'm actually reading ahead right now.

    But actually, it's really rewarding to get all these nice comments to flatter my big fat ego hahaha. Thank you so much for always commenting on my blog and stuff. It's fun having someone to talk to consistently on the interwebs haha.

    I don't know what's going on with "The One"! Raws should be out, coz the chapter is out, but still no word.

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  4. Hi Kat! It's been a while! I've been checking your blog everyday waiting for The One chapter, but It seems It's nowhere to be found :(! Anyway thank you again for your hard work on The One and Ingenuo. I'm looking forward to the updates! See ya!

  5. Thanks Kat! <3

    I really love ingenuo (and it's a pity it's not out in my country i would run to buy it), i have the raws but well i can't read them so i'm really really glad that you are doing it

    Thanks for translating it for us :)