Monday, September 6, 2010

Updates on Ingenuo!

WAH I MADE IT! Ok, so I didn't make my September 5th deadline, but whatever. I'm hyperventilating because of this chapter ahahah. Well, I did read it a while back, but I LOVE IT SO MUCH. We are nearing the good chappies... ahh. Good chappies.... *won't spoil* Okay, but I'll have it up soon. I'm proofing right now with Kuul Grace.

BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I probably say this about every chapter, but really, LOVE THIS. And the next chapter is pretty good too. It is absolutely amazing. I must tell you an opinion on it, without spoilers. So the thing is, I disliked Aiwen throughout the series, but I think that maybe I'm a little too harsh on him. After all, he's just super naive, coz after all, he's still a kid. Anyway, my opinion of him definitely improved in this chapter :)

That does NOT by any means mean that I have converted to an Aiwen/Jiayu fan. NONONO. DO NOT WANT.

See you guys later!


  1. No rush on the chapter, we are waiting less than we used to before you started scanslating the series. I dearly appreciate the time you take out to do the releases. I cannot wait for the goodies to be released!!

  2. The chapter will be out soon :) Whee~ Not too much longer to wait!