Thursday, September 16, 2010

FAQ: When does The One come out?

I see this question so many times, so here is an answer for you.

The One comes out every month in the Young Flower Magazine in China on the 5th. It is usually scanned by WhiteSunnie for Billwang around the 9th or 10th. I have them translated soon after. When I am not busy, I get them down within a day, but it depends. Expect chapters around the 12-15th.

Releases are slow because that's how often they are written, not because I am lazy.

So what does this mean for chapter 70? Expect it around October 12-15th.


  1. Hmmm, I'd say you are far from lazy. People need to keep in mind that you have a life outside of this :) You put out chapters very quickly.

  2. Thanks, dear. I appreciate it!

  3. Have only just started reading The One again after.... AGES. Didn't even know that mellylemon stopped scanslating for a while now!

    But am really glad you've decided to pick up where she left.

    Thank you!

    PS: Take your time. Do it cos you like it and not cos some ungrateful leechers bug you for the next release. You have a life too and they should understand that =)

  4. Hey Liz, thanks for the kind words.

    Usually nobody bothers me about releases coz I am on track. The only thing that bothers us all is that it's released so infrequently in China!

    I really appreciate the understanding!

  5. started to read it for the first time and lemme say: It's really a damn good manga :)

    I read all released chaps in 1 day - wow! Even at work I couldn't stop! It's really refreshing ^^

    I like the story a lot!! I'll wait patiently for chap. 70 ^^ and add you to my favo's :D

    thanks for all your hard work!!

  6. I think you are doing an amazing job translating and providing. I don't care when it comes up (I've learned patience =P), but keep up the amazing work!