Sunday, November 4, 2012

Turning Over a New Leaf

Okay, so that's a little dramatic. I've not quite turn over a new leaf, but I am trying to make a better commitment to this blog (considering it's been lying to waste for like half a year -.-" so sorry). Not only am I going to work hard on this blog, I'm going to work in other aspects of my life, instead of just lazing around.

I am going to set some goals for the coming months. Here they are!


  • Read more books. I am trying to still meet my goal of 36 books for the year of 2012 and I'm a book or so behind right now :\
  • Work on college apps!
  • Plan my trip to England (more deets below)
  • NaNoWriMo (more below), and write more in general
  • Work on some drawings :) haven't done that in a while
OKAY. Basically, I'm setting these goals to motivate myself and give me something to do. Anyway, in the recent month, I have submitted TWO college applications (hooray for me!) and I'm still working on the essays for this science competition thing. I got an internship finally! It's not exactly what I wanted to do, but bad luck has forced me to settle haha. I definitely still like it though. It's really chill because I get to work with a teacher that's super bro. I think he's super cool. 

Trip to England: I am going to England for Cambridge interviews (if I get one) and/or travel (even if I don't). So I'm going to have to plan my trip there and find hotels and transport and all those crazy things! I'm super excited to plan it all out. I'm looking into places I want to see and things I want to do. If you have any ideas, that would be fantastic (especially if you live near London :o). My trip is going to be in the first week of December :) 

NaNoWriMo! If you've been following me for a while, you'll know that I do NaNoWriMo, which is National Novel Writing Month, a month where I am supposed to write 50,000 words of a novel. This year, I don't have really that concrete of an idea, so it's going to be a struggle, especially with a lack of time. However, I am optimistic right now, and I won't even be too upset if I don't complete it because it will be a good experience either way. If any of you are doing NaNoWriMo, please add me! 

Anyway, Im going to hold myself accountable for all this stuff! Plus, it feels good to check things off my "to-do" list :) How are all of you doing? 


  1. Nice Kat! I'm also planing my trip to London to better understand and speak english. Have fun.

    But a to-do - list really takes me back. My goal was to read one book per month, but all i do read is mangas :D

    Good luck!

  2. Lucky Kat D: !! You get to go to a place where I'm dreaming to go to one day. I'm sure you'll have a blast! When I make goals ... they eventually LOL uhh never get put into action. I need to like find the motivation to do it. Any tips? D: You're going to England on my birthday week! LOL darn. I wish I could go with youuuu! Have fun gurll!


    1. Write a few things each day that you want to accomplish, and check them off the list!

  3. You have a lot of projects, it's so great! Reading you bring me back years ago and give me the desire to travel again, without my two little sons perhaps... Enjoy your trip!!!

  4. Definitely enjoy. I have plans to travel to England one day. I made it to France this year so I have the travel bug. If only it didn't cost so much from Australia. Hopefully you'll be able to get everything done on your to-do list. Inspires me to do one XP

  5. Awesome kat! I'm writing too but not a what-did-you-call-it? NaNoWriMo. I'm just doing English fanfics for now since I am very bad with it. ^_^" Oh, good luck and all the best to achieve your goals. ((:

  6. England is a very gorgeous county, all of the UK really. The Hampton Court Palace is really beautiful and a bit warmer than the castles, if I remember correctly.. Since you'll be going in winter. I guess it depends on what you like.. anytime you travel there's always too much to fully see. Whatever you end up doing, it'll still be a blast because you'll be in England!

  7. I wanna go to London too! I want to spend a week there so that I can go sightseeing to my heart's content; but right now I've got so much to study I would be able to stay just for a weekend. So I'll spend those 48 hours of free time shopping in Venice, hoping there won't be too much tourists and high water!
    Anyway I hope you have fun in England and you should go seeing the Seven Sisters (there's a great view!). :-D
    (Sorry for the mistakes)

  8. Any goals for manga releases?...

    1. Yes, I said that I was working on those too.

  9. wow. Cambridge! London! that's cool :D
    I've always been wanting to go to England, but- we're talking about poundsterling /sob
    good luck on your college applications Kat!

  10. hahaa well. One piece of definite advice is that you pack nice and warm - and with rain in mind! :L but noo, Britain is great, lots to do n go see, buut, it can be quite expensive :/. In terms of London, there's loads, eg. you can check out madam tusauds, The British Museum (which is free)houses of parliment, the tower of london, london eye blah blah blah aaand the list goes on :L. in terms of transport, if you plan on spending a good while in London doing all the touristy stuff then investing in an oyester card is definately worth it. you should also look at booking train tickets if your doing any long distance travelling early on as well since I think they can sometimes be really expensive if your getting them on the day (although I can't say for sure since I've always prebooked mine and I dont live in London) but no, there's plenty of stuff online in terms of organising your trip :) hope you have fun!! (ps. the christmas sales in Britain are AMASING.)

  11. oh great that will be a lovely trip for you and what about this teacher?any romance there ?