Saturday, November 3, 2012

[RAWS] The One Chp 95

Hey everyone! I am seeming back from the dead hahaha. Personal post coming soon, and hopefully a chapter coming very soon! Raws for the next chapter are here! Thank you to Lynn for cleaning them for me ^-^


  1. Omg I am so excited for this next chapter! <3 I get the feeling Angus might have a thing or two for Lele based on one of the pages xDD ! I can't wait!! Feidna underestimated Lele; now she's going to get a taste of Lele's real abilities!!! Kat thank you for always posting the raws<3 I love the excitement I feel every time I see them up. LOL


  2. Thank you for posting! Im super excited for this im even looking for the raws to get my cheers!

  3. raw the one 96