Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer Adventures

Hey guys, so I did say I would do a blog post about how Mathcamp went, so here it is!

I went to Mathcamp for 5 whole weeks, and it was incredibly fun. It was held at Reed College. Basically, I spent most of the day attending really awesome and kickass math lectures. Some of them seriously blew my mind. (Some, of course, I barely understood >___>). But not only do I feel like I learnt a lot, the entire experience of living together with 120 other high school students who share many of the same interests as you is just incredible. We also had JC's (undergrads, basically like counselors), mentors (grad students), and a few other faculty members.

I do some competitive math during the school year, but lately I feel like I've been slipping a lot, and this whole experience definitely gave me some more motivation to work hard this year! (Of course I'll still be "wasting time" reading manhua/translating)

So, interesting thing, I started out with a single dorm room, but it turned out that two of my friends had the most ENORMOUS room ever, and basically we had slumber parties in it everyday... 5 people in one enormous dorm room, so we stayed up really late, and I ended up as the only person who got up in time for breakfast, so I was designated breakfast obtainer hahaha. But that was all right, even if I did get a few funny looks for getting 5 bagels for breakfast.

I do really miss it, but I know I'll be seeing some people pretty soon, because I'm flying to Massachusetts next month for a math competition, so that's pretty cool :)

Since I came back, I've been working on summer homework (or not working). I have this giant paper that is staring me in the face, but I keep procrastinating because I don't want to do it >___> Ugh. I need to start working.

Anyway, what have all of YOU been doing this summer? Leave a comment below!


  1. Hey Kat! For the summer, I took a Statistics class lol and I did my Nursing Orientation/Bootcamp and now, I am here in my dorm reading my syllabus for one of my nursing classes. Wow! Math camp must have been great! :) Good luck with the competition !!!

  2. Thanks! Wow, that sounds excellent. Is this your first year doing nursing, or are you already a veteran? Good luck with your studies too!

  3. all the best for your math competition next month!

  4. Hi Kate!I`ve been visiting your blog for half a year due to my addictive love to The one.I like to read your thoughts,like you describe your study challenges.You are so great.Not only you know languages and do philanthropic translating,you are also good at math,and I think you are a great girl just as you are.
    This summer I had a month-long editor practice at a newspaper(even got my two articles published),went with friends to the sea(burnt myself and was left behind))).As always I listen a lot of music,read,don`t give up an attempt to continue my korean self-studying(oh my).Went to hip-hop dance(no much result so far).
    In my language your name has a lot of variants and my favourite is "Катруся"=[katrusya].So that you know.
    I wish you good luck at the math competition too and "wasting time" reading manhua=)Hurray!!!

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  6. Math camp sounds fun.. I'd go to it if it was biology camp, hehe~ I'm so tragic when it comes to math. X:
    Good luck on your competition~

    I've been reading manhua! I just read chapter 1-80 of The One... in two days...... I really need to get my own work done. o//o

    You've gained a follower of your blog! ^__^~ I like your translations and work much better than some others that have worked on The One, so I hope that you can continue to enjoy translating it for us <33
    I might even read some other things you're translating while I wait for the next chapter to come out x3;

  7. Nursing Anonymous to Kat..

    Hey Kat! I barely started the nursing program and I'll tell you there is a lot of readings to do! I find time to read manhuas though :) Thanks for everything! :)

  8. Lala3133: What is your language? Ukranian?

    Thanks everyone for your nice messages :)

    Ah, Nurse-anon: I wish you the best of luck then! Please let me know how it goes :)

  9. Yeah,Ukranian!How`d you know?Don`t tell me you`r learning Slavonic languages too?!

  10. I wish I could haha. It seems too difficult ): I put it into Google translate and tried a bunch of languages, and the only thing that made sense was Ukranian.

  11. Hey Kat,

    Your math camp sounds amazing to me. I have never actually went to a camp before (except a 3-day bible retreat that I was tricked to go to, which can be considered a type of camping, although i shared the interest with nobody; i'm non-religious while all others are Christian) although i think it's great having some time with people your age and have some commons with you :)

    By the way, I have followed your blog for nearly 2 year now. I'm a grad student (Poli Sci major). Mahua/manga is the one of things that can help me deal with stresses/boredom at work and school. Thank you so much for doing such a good job translating/editing The One. Keep it up!

    Hope you will have a successful (and fun) competition and great school year.