Monday, August 15, 2011

Finally back!

Hey guys, I know a lot of you have been asking for updates, so let me give you a quick briefing on the scanslation situation! Here it is!

Angie and I have both had a lot on our plates, what with her starting university, and me trying to scramble to catch other deadlines. So scanslation has fallen behind in our list of priorities, but all the pages are cleaned right now for The One, and are in the process of scanslation. I should be done with them soon! Sorry for the delay :[.

I will get a few VB Rose up ASAP. Is it okay if I do a double chapter next week instead of releasing one late this week?

Anyway, Mathcamp was super fun! Maybe I'll write more about it later if you guys are interested, and I have time. Ta! I hope all of you are still doing well!


  1. really thanks a million for all your hardwork, even though you guys have your busy schedule..really appreciate it.

  2. I've never commented before but I just wanted to thank you for all your work! :D

    And for your question, whatever works best for you is fine with me~

  3. Thanks for all this..I m glad u enjoy ur mathcamp.. Tell us more about urself..!! ^.*

  4. I really appreciate all your hard work, im glad mathcamp was fun! Do what you need to I promise we will live without scans for a while.
    ~KAM :)

  5. welcome back! good luck in your first year in college =) I just started school again (HS senior) and I'm already feeling overwhelm by my classes xp