Sunday, June 5, 2011

[RAWS] The One Chapter 78

Here are the raws for The One Chapter 78! Enjoy!

Here they are! Also, please vote on the poll to the side. If you do have a problem, please comment me letting me know what it is. I will also let everyone know that there is a thing called a full-page ad on this site that randomly will pop up for some users. You simply click "skip this ad" after it loads. This is not a virus, and in no way will damage your computer. If you have had another problem, please let me know.


  1. Yes, that random page is what's happening to me too, but the problem is that, that page may automatically try to infect your computer even if you click on skip. At least that's what's been going on in this end. Every time that page appears, my AVG tells me that a "threat has been blocked". I am not getting infected thanks to AVG, but I'm just wondering that for others it may be a problem?

    I'm not trying to be a bitch though... it hasn't affected me so far, so that's good. Just letting you know of the issue...

    otherwise, thanks tons for the raw links! I wish Feidna made her appearance a bit later though, but oh well...

  2. Thanks for the raws! do u know when this chapter will be released in english?


  3. thanks for the raws, the chapter finally seem good after meeting eros and lele but i don`t hope for feidna to meet eros,i hope some for eros and lele and end that problem with each other, anyway waiting for ur great translation to it..good luck ^ ^

  4. Thanks for the raw! I really hope that Lele can break throught Eros'defence before Feidna shows up (I really dislike her, I don't know why). Finally Eros subconsciously shows feelings for Lele, so please, miss Nicky Lee, let us enjoy it!

  5. Ah, Maliha, I really value your feedback, so don't be afraid of being a "bitch." Thank you for letting me know the problem in the first place!

  6. Thanks for the raws. Since Nicky Lee is one of the few Taiwanese Mangaka and writes in traditional chinese, I can actually understand most of it:) And you are also awesome for translating traditional, which so few know anymore!

  7. Haha, thanks anon! I actually had to teach myself a lot of it because I grew up learning simplified. It was really tough, and I spend quite a bit of time in the dictionary looking up simple words haha. Good for you that you can read it too! :)

  8. Kat! thank you for posting the raws here!
    but im actually gonna wait for the translation :P because i dont wanna ruin it for myself! but thats not what i came here to say!

    i just wanna say overall, thanks for everything you do. And I really think readers should remind you once in a while how grateful we are that you take the time out of you're day just to translate for us! really thank you!

    And i hope you lip is completely healed and your tests weren't that bad! :P

    kay well, hope you read this!

  9. actually, i had avg and i had the same problem. the problem is with avg, not your website. i got a better virus protector and it doesnt cause a problem at all.

  10. I wasn’t going to comment since Maliha pretty much covered everything, but then I saw the last comment and decided I should. See. I have AVG as well and I noticed that I was getting the same message as Maliha. The thing is, I don’t think it’s AVG with the problem, because that pop up window was always there. When I’d come to your site it would pop up and I’d just press “skip” with no problems. It wasn’t until about a week or two ago that I noticed that after visiting your page I kept getting a message about a threat being blocked from AVG. Though I don’t think the problem is with AVG, I do think it’s worked itself out, because I haven’t been getting the threat message for a few days now. I’m no expert and I doubt this comment helped much, but I hope it all works out in the end.

    On another note, sorry for the rambling lol. I guess I’ll end this with a quick thank you. I may not be able to read the raws (and in fact I had been trying not to look at them, but I was so excited I couldn’t resist lol), but I appreciate the raws and all the hard work you put into translating The One and also for scanning V.B. Rose. I love those two series, so I’m glad someone takes the time to put them up for those of us who can’t read them raw. Really. Thanks for everything! :)

  11. I'm not sure what a better virus protection is. They all pretty much do the same thing... be them Norton/AVG and some others out there... and AGV and Norton tends to be the leading ones of all.

    Also, unlike the previous commenter, I am still getting them :(

    Oh well, if it doesn't bother anyone then I guess that's just fine. And even if there is a "problem" with AVG then at least it's blocking whatever is trying to threaten the health of my PC. so that's that.

    Kat, you're welcome... although I should be thanking YOU for doing this wonderful job of translating The One and scanning VBR! =)