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The One Chp 78


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WAHHHH This is so exciting alsdkfj;alskdjf. Hahaha sorry, this is the crazy fangirl here. I totally love that Eros is being so childish here, especially because he's seeing his mom in his hallucinations. However, I almost think that there may be some Lele/Mom comparison here? Slightly Oedipal... but whatever.

I feel vindicated also that Lele says, "I know in my heart that you never wanted to hurt me." After the supposed "attempted rape," tons of people began hating on Eros for doing that. It was always really clear to me that he did that to protect her--both from his father and from her own feelings. Obviously, some of that must have backfired on him, and you see that with him being super depressed (especially in the last chapter). Lele obviously can't find it within herself to hate him for so long, and I love that she's becoming so playful in response to his misanthropic tendencies <-- haha big words.

Also, maybe people are going to yell at Eros for being such a jerk to Lele right now, but imagine if you were him, in such a weak and pitiful condition. You're going through withdrawal and weak and hallucinating about your dead mother. I can't imagine a worse time to have the girl you like see you. He's just being defensive. Don't blame him...

I think that this is really the beginning of a good relationship. Of course, there will be tons of drama, but they honestly got together wayyy faster than I had expected. I know that many people probably complained about their relationship too slowly. But now you really have nothing to complain about haha. I also look forward to seeing what happens with Feidna!!!! Let me know your thoughts in the comments! What predictions/hopes do you have for the future?


  1. thanks for the chapter. I really liked Lele and Eros, it's so cute >.<. And I hope your tests went well.

  2. Yep, I totally agree with what you said about Eros. It must be even more frustrating for him(tough I'm sure he's happy) that she keeps on helping him when he keeps pushing her away because he's convinced he's not good enough for her. I like how at last we see him feeling down for hurting her and now it's clear he loves her. I guess he avoided thinking about her when in Sweden as it would have made it much harder to bear with the (sleeping with another woman) situation...
    As for Feidna, I have a very bad feeling. When Eros and Lele's relationship is now on the right track. I think she's going to break that and Lele is going to hurt even more... I feel that something along those lines will happen: Feidna comes and asks Eros to stay. Eros tells Lele that he's got Feidna here now, so she doesn't need to bug him anymore, meaning Feidna is more important to him than lele or something like that. Anyway, he'll use Feidna to push away Lele again.... Ho I hope I'm wrong!!!

    Thanks so much for the chapter ^_^

  3. Thanks for the chap! *_*

    It's great and I love the way Lele has matured a lot. I wonder what would have happened, if Taylor hadn't come back... It would be much more difficult to chase her away, don't you think?

    About next chapter, I suppose there will be:

    - a conversation between Yin and Tayor about Lele significance - it will be super cute :P

    - a huge row between Lang and Downlan, or some other steps taken to a reunion of the twins

    - something with Feidna. As [b]hakanai[/b] I'm sure she will mess up the Lele and Yin's relationship. However this time I hope it won't be Yin who purposefully hurts Lele, rather some kind of misunderstanding, or Feidna's plot.

    Kat, thanks for your hard work!

  4. First of all thanks a lot for this wonderful chapter Kat!!!!
    And I completely agree with hakanai, I'm sure that Feidna is going to mess thing up (-.-) grrrr that makes me so mad!!!!! But we'll have to wait for the next chapters to see if we're right!

  5. Thanks for the chpater, you do a great job.
    I agree that taylor realises lele is important to eros, so I think he will push to have her involved/help with his recovery.
    I also think that feidna will show up to lick her wounds and expect to be comforted by eros only he's in no condition to do so. There will definetley be drama with that scenario.
    I think Angus will get to see eros but not as fast as he wants, Ulysees may know of the drug issue and be deliberately stalling to give eros time to rehab.To save angus even more heartache/guilt at the behavior of his whacko father.I kinda want to see what happens to the father, they should show him as down and out after losing everything, "just desserts".
    Oh well I'm just glad the storyline has gotten back on track to the interaction between the main characters. Thanks again.

  6. LURRV it. but im gnna kill feidina if she goes back to Eros. LELE + EROS = 4eva
    thanks a lot sempai

  7. She likes herself and only uses Eros to satisfy her needs for attention and sexual satisfaction. And because she is so selfish, do not want to see her eventual toy / friend with Lele and will create problems for the couple. And with that Eros personality, for some time she can be success.

  8. Thank you for the chapter!! I really like it :)

  9. I hope all your predictions will be wrong because I will be pissed off if Ms. Lee will do that!!! It's already frustrating how their relationship have gone forward and then backward with all the other drama that surround them. I wish that their relationship will start to move forward starting from this chapter.

    I hope that for the next chapters the theme would be like "Lele mending Eros'wounds" something like that.

    As for Feidna...
    what can I say? Just please don't messed up their relationship anymore! Go spend your 500,000 dollars hohoho!!!

    Anyway, thanks Kat for finally translating this chapter. You're the best. I hope you are on your summer vacation already. (I'm clueless about this) lol. Good luck with everything!

  10. Wow, thank you all for your predictions! They are all very interesting.

    Actually, I really don't remember who Feidna is, so I think that I will have to reread this series in order to figure out what happened before. It was at least a year and a half ago that I started reading this series haha!

  11. Kat, I think the picture 36, you forgot to translate:) Upon seeing the food, Eros remembers the time when his mother cooked the same thing for him and his twin. Flashback: Young Eros asked his mother what this food is. His mother told him that it is ‘congee’. From her grandmother [from mother side]’s hometown, people would eat it as breakfast. Eros exclaimed that it is delicious and he would want to eat it everyday. His mother happily told him that since he likes to eat it, she will cook it for him everyday.

  12. Kat, you are awesomeeeeeeeee!!!
    Thank you for the chapter, you've made my day!
    And about the prediction, I agree with you guys about Feidna coming back and messing things up between Lele and Eros ... >"< Damn her, we've all been waiting so long to see some happy stuff between those two. Anyway, in the end there will be a happy ending for Eros and Lele ^^.

  13. Thank you so much for spending for time for translating this! You've really made my day and I cannot wait for the next release. Thanks again!

  14. THANK YOU, KAT!!! From the day when summer holiday started I waited impatiently for this chapter (since I had a lot of time on my hands) and looked through raws so many times that i lost count.
    For predictions
    - the most obvious thing will happen- Feidna will come to Eros for consoling.
    - most likely we'll see Tailor trying to incourage Eros or Lele
    - there will be some Angus/Ullyses (i really hope that Ullyses didn't let Angus go because he wanted to save him from heartache)

  15. Thanx so much for the translation!? I was waiting so long for this chapter!? It was very good!? At last lele and yin are back!? They are very cute couple!? As for feidna she will challenge the relationship between lele and eros!? She will come between them but i think this will encourage lele's and eros's relationship forward as eros will see the difference between the two girls!? :) thanx again :)

  16. hey kat =)

    i think you missed out the dialogue in page 36 for chap 78.

    the part with yin's mum cooking porridge for him and angus when they were younger = p


  17. Thanks for this chapter very much!!!

  18. thank u so much for this chapter ^^

  19. Just...THANK YOUUUUU KAT!!! you're great!

  20. ana

    kat, thank you so much for this chapter im really happy because i love this history looking forward CHAPTER 79.... im complety agree with the predictions about feidna i feel i little sorry for her , but she deserved because she didnt apreciate eros before, she was always dating another guy ...and now she will come to mess the relationship between eros and lee.....lets see what will happen