Thursday, April 7, 2011

Spring Break! Wanna know something grosssss?

I burned the roof of my mouth and then a blister formed and then it popped. Hahahaha. None of you wanted/needed to know that. Sorry. It's really painful though. Crazy stuff is going on with my mouth. Especially because I have a cut on my lip boooooo. So I just look super awkward with my lips pursed... all the time. Hahaha. Anyway, it's spring breakkkkk! Hooray! I should do homework, but I haven't done a personal post in such a long time!

How is everyone doing? Is it spring break for anyone else? Are you enjoying the warmer weather? Hopefully it's warmer... It's still cool over here! It doesn't really matter because it's sunny! It actually snowed in some places over here, which is sort of bizarre, but then again, it's due to global warming, and you really don't want to listen to me rant about global warming haha.

Nothing is really new with me. Just have a whole bunch of school work culminating at the end of the year. BOOOOOO. STUPID AP/IB TESTS. Those who live in USA (or Canada? not sure...) will know the joys of AP testing. NOT. THERE ARE NO JOYS IN STANDARDIZED TESTING. It's just super boring and time-consuming.

What about everyone else? How is spring going? Let me know in the comments below!

On a more relevant note, I'm working on chapter 76 of "The One" right now and it's cracking me up HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. I'm dying of laughter. It's hilarious, and I feel like I'm in a fantasy world because things are HAPPENING. HOLY SMOKES NICKY LEE! THINGS ARE HAPPENING!!!! This almost makes up for the months of 13 page chapters that are all pictures of trees lol. Anyway, I'm getting through these pages pretty quickly. I should have the chapter done by tonight, and I'll upload tonight or tomorrow.

I'm still at the same place in Paradise City that I was a month or two ago. Haha. Sorry. Would you guys like a chapter NOW, and risk waiting later, or just wait for regular updates? But I am for sure going to work on that project. Hooray!

Besides those two, I will be working on VB Rose as always, and maybe Mixed Vegetables? It was suggested to me through the manhua suggestions page, and I do know that the English volumes are out because it IS licensed. However... technically VB Rose is licensed as well....... Which means I will probably bend the rules for you guys haha. I'm a terrible person.

I also would like to remind readers that I keep project statuses updated above at the projects page. It's usually pretty up to date. I do check for raws regularly, and I would like to thank numero11 for sending me recent chapters of The One, which have been unavailable on Tieba! We had a huge discussion in the Chinese forums on this, so I managed to post chp. 76 there.

Anyway, enough ramblings. See you soon, and happy reading!


  1. I never took APs but I did have to take SAT!!! And it was awful.
    I read ch. 76 summary, and yes, I was very, very happy!! =) Looking forward to the new chapter. Thanks again for scanlating this manhua. Really appreciate the effort.

  2. AP Examinations are hell, but as I'm already out of high school, I don't have to worry about that. But I did have midterms a week or two ago and they're probably just as bad. :'( Spring break is good though. :)

    Ah, ouch, that blister business sounds awful. I hope it's not too painful!

    I can't wait for The One! It sounds exciting.

    Also, I wouldn't recommend working on Mixed Vegetables as all the volumes are out in English. (I've collected them. :3) But then at the same time, you should do it if you feel like it. Meh. Either way, there many out there that can't buy the books.

    Well, nice to get another personal post from you and I hope you enjoy your Spring Break. :D

  3. somehow the tittle reminded me of the weird red-haired boy of "Diary of a wimpy kid" =w=Y lol

    Hope you feel better :) and good luck with your exams >_< i didn't had those but i can imagine the stress of it all...

    I am still on break thou B) enjoying the good life <3 until i can, since my new semester starts in 2 weeks with the most awful shedules :'C

    thanks for all your hard work and enjoy your break ^0^/

  4. I have a different memory of when I took my AP tests, I didn't really stress out much because I knew that afterwards we wouldn't do anything in class anymore.

    That blister sounds really painful, hopefully you'll recover soon.

  5. Hi!! here in Italy the weather is sunny and warm (maybe too much for April), there are birds singing, the air smells of flowers (I live in the countryside!) and I would really like to stay outside all the day like a lizard...but actually I can't :(. I'm going to have an exam soon...
    Here we don't have Spring break, just 4-5 days for Easter. In middle school we have few breaks during the school year and a tree-months Summer break that make you struggle like hell when you go back to school in the middle of September. However we don't have your kind of examination...we have classroom written and oral tests during the year and exams only at the end of 5 years. Of course you have to be sufficient in all the subjects to pass from a year to the next! Now at university is different becouse I have to organize my exams' schedule on my own in the sessions during the year (summer included!).
    Well, (what a long comment!) I hope to have been interesting and clear enogh for you to understand (I'm trying to keep, at least, my written english, since lately I haven't got any occasion to speak it... so I'm sorry for the mistakes!!)!
    I like your personal posts maybe becouse I'm very curious about other lifestyles and ideas :)
    Thank you for your work (especially for "The One", I really like it!), enjoy the Spring and don't stress yourself too much. I hope your mouth will recover soon!!

  6. but when we can read??? i m dying!!!

  7. @xLilim: Yes, I was planning to just scan the English volumes hahahaha. I'm terrible.

    @Giulia: haha Your message made me smile :) I went to Rome earlier this year, and we passed by the countryside on the train. It really is very beautiful! I would love to visit different parts of Italy again. Your English is perfectly understandable. My Italian would be unintelligible haha. "Dove il metro?" is about all I really know how to say. Good luck with your exams!

    @Anon: I wrote in my post that I would post it soon. It's up now.

    Thank you everyone for your well wishes :) Happy reading!

  8. Hey Kat!

    Lol just read this and all I can say is lucky you! Our spring break hasn't arrived yet. I have to endure one more week of school before spring break but its all good cause I don't have any exams or papers due this week haha!!!

    Anyway, I also took an AP exam when I was in high school and yeah a lot of reviewing and study just to make sure I pass the exam to have some awesome pre college credits. Anyways, good luck though for everything.

    I can't wait for the next chapter of the One. Nicky Lee should focus now on Eros and Lele's love life. :)
    Take your time though. I'm willing to wait. :)

  9. Kat I just wanna say a big huge thank you.
    Even though your mouth seems like it's going through hell, here on your spring break your translating/scanning for us! thank you so much. first and foremost. And secondly, please dont scan mixed vegatables, dont even waste your energy on it! V.B. Rose, The One, and Paradise City, must be enough on your part. Dont stress yourself out too much please!!

  10. mucho gracias, you rock! :)