Tuesday, April 12, 2011

English is the most bizarre language.

It's true. English is neither a romance language nor a Germanic one. It's stuck between two origins, and has crazy irregularities and strange phrases. I honestly feel terribly sorry for whoever has to learn English as a second language. It makes no sense whatsoever.

Chinese is a hard language to learn and it's very different structurally, but things generally follow a pattern. Same thing with French and Spanish (which, I have an A in yessss due to the fact my teacher accidentally put in 26/37 instead of 36/37 on a test hahahhahaha).

This is the most pointless post ever, but I really don't want to do my homework. BOOOO. It's a good assignment (creative writing), but I'm not feeling it at the moment. I just feel kinda stressed because it's not done haha. Whooohoooooo.

Yeah... I should probably get going haha. One last thing I should mention! I'm curious about your demographics, so vote here ------------------->

I see that one of you is underage. -disapproval- Be careful on the interwebs! Strangers (like me!) could very well trick you!

For people wondering about when The One is released, again, it is released every month on the 5th in China, and is usually scanned within a few days. I usually translate it within 1-2 days. So expect each chapter to arrive on the 10-15th of the month. The next chapter will be in May! There is no such thing as weekly updates for this series.

Happy reading!


  1. Hi, I'm learning English as a second language and I find it the easiest one of all that I'm learning (german, French and Japanese). So I guess it depends on your mother tongue - which in my case is so twisted and complicated in ways totally unnecessary that every other language seems ok in comparison (btw, I'm polish :P)
    And what is your mother-tongue, I wonder... :)

  2. i agree with the note above. I am learning English as my second language too and i think that it's the easiest one. I'm lithuanian and according to my grades i am better in English. Lithuanian has more declensionals, accentuation is really difficult (i mean it)and punctuation is terrifying, but i guess the older the language ,the harder it is to learn it. Anyway, good luck with whatever you are doing. (i hope i did not make too many grammar mistakes)

  3. I also think English is easy to learn. In school I have to learn French too and I just can't do it. After seven years I'm still unable to understand a single sentence. I'm sure French is a beautiful language but I really prefer English. Maybe that is because my mother language is German which is probably closer to English ...

  4. Gosh, I studied English for 10 years of elementary and high school. I'm from the Philippines who migrated here to the Us and all I can say is yeah, English is easy to learn but so does Spanish ( I only speak un poquito for now but since my language and dialect are kinda the same with Spanish I guess I can speak some some). Right now, I 'm learning Japanese and I am always pumped up to go to that class lol. Japanese is hard but as long as you have the drive and passion to learn the language, I guess it'll be okay. I want to learn Chinese and French too. :)

    Thanks for letting us know about the monthly release of the manhua.

    Keep up the good work Kat!

  5. english is my native language and french is my second and i think french was pretty hard to learn. im also learning chinese, japanese, and korean.out of the three, chinese is hardet to write, japanese is in the middle, and korean is the easiest to write. pronunciation-wise chinese is easiest, korean is hardest, and japanese is once again in the middle. now as for the underage thing i'm a hypocrite...i dont think kids under 13 should be online but im 12....

  6. spanish is my mother tongue and english is my second lenguage,but I love english so much I keep talking to myself in english... like a loon lol
    Currently I'm learning german which I LOVE and its pretty easy once you get the pronunciation but come on, you guys think spanish is easy? seriously? the thing with spanish is there is so much slang you'd be really lost talking to some people ... but anyway learning other languages is one the coolest things one can do in life !!!