Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Why I've Been So Busy and Future of The One

Hey everyone, I'm sure that you've noticed that my scans have been coming in at a snail's pace lately. Here's why: I spent the end of the school year studying for all my exams, so manga was at the bottom of my priority list. Anyway, I hope that this post will illuminate what's going on with me.

A day or two after my school ended, I flew to Boston to start my summer program. I am currently at a summer program for high school students interested in math and science. I am working with a graduate student and a professor at MIT on a project in math (abstract algebra/representation theory). I'm not sure that will interest everyone, so I'll spare you the details.
That's why I've been so busy everyday. Everyone here says that there are "friends, work, and sleep," and we have to pick two. This is so true. I've pretty much chosen to give up sleep hahahaha. But that's okay. I'm having a lot of fun. Everyone here is so incredibly smart that it's truly humbling to be here. It's also been an eye-opening experience to hear about everyone's projects and research. I've been learning so much about the sciences and math. It's also great because there are quite a few international students at our camp, and it's been a real treat to speak with them and understand what it is to live in other parts of the world. (Americans are probably the most ignorant of other cultures! Everyone has experienced American/Western culture, but the way other people live is a mystery to many of us).

My project is really taxing because of the massive amounts of data I have to collect AND format, which is tough because I would really like to be doing more math. However, I think that I've started to find some very interesting results that I'm looking forward to exploring.

Besides academic work, we have a lot of fun here. We have things like ultimate frisbee at midnight! We watch movies together and play group games. We also go on trips on the weekend to explore Boston. By the way, July 4th in Boston is amazing, despite thunderstorms.

I'm sure that my August will be slightly freer, so I should be able to catch up on the chapters that I've been delaying. So here's the deal with The One. I was working on and off on chapter 90, but just as I finished, I saw that the chapter had been posted on Mangafox already, but I decided to post my chapter on my blog anyway because I'd already done the work. I could probably also do chapter 91, but it might be a bit slow. If I keep reminding myself, I could probably finish it in a week. However, it's not a guarantee.

The reason that I'm hesitating about keeping the project is how busy I'm probably going to be in the next few months. After this summer, I will be starting to apply for college, which is a very stressful and taxing experience, especially because the schools I want to go to are SO HARD to get into ): But we'll see. Second semester of senior year should be incredibly free.

I have no idea if the other translator is going to stay on this project. If they are not, I will definitely do my best to keep up this project because I know what it means to so many people. But if they will keep going for a while, I might drop the project. As for VB Rose, I only have scans up to vol 12, and the rest will have to be translated, so I don't know the future of that project. I will also try to finish Paradise City when I get the chance.

Anyway, I hope you all are doing well. Please update me on what you guys are up to! I know that I didn't respond to the comments on the last update post I did, but I read all of them, and I thank you for all of them. If you really want replies to them (though they are a little late), I would be happy to respond to them. (I just think it's a little weird to give several month late replies haha).

Wow, that was a long post. Thanks for sticking with it. I love you all. Seriously, you guys are the sweetest and reading your comments brighten up my day!


  1. woo you're so busy (and smart!)
    I think you should do what's on your top priority first but please don't drop The One project ><
    I'll wait patiently for your translation because I know how busy a senior year of high school student will be

    fighting Kat!
    hope you can get into the school you really want to go to :)

    1. agreed. As long as I know that there will be a chapter coming at some point I'm happy. Good luck with school

  2. Good Luck on your project!!! I wish you the best!! Have a great summer:D

  3. Ooohoho... I know exactly how you feel mostly because I went through it pretty recently myself. So let me warn you, the first half of senior year is going to be pretty hectic simply for the reason of applying to colleges. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't release any manga chapters at all during that time period. But of course I wouldn't be that happy about it... I'd understand... You know how we manga addicts are... Anyways, if your good with your college stuff and not a procrastinator like me then around mid-October, November to January you should be done and all that is left is to study like you usually do so it is a lot more relaxing. Senioritis is a terrible thing and I pray you don't contract it. ;P

    Thanks a bunch for the chapter! It as so wonderfully cute and fluffy! Good luck with your project!

  4. really smart and hardworking.
    Please do your top priority first then you can follow on the bottom list.. ;P
    anyway do your best and have a good luck with everything you do..

  5. Hey! You are a fellow WISTEM! Glad to see your having fun. And I wish you luck with your upcoming senior year (OMG when I went through mine, I was so stressed that my hair started falling out). If you want my two cents (not sure you do....but) I would do early application. That was the best decision I could have made because as I was getting answers from my colleges, all around me my friends were starting applying. You get more breathing space that way. Not only that, but doing so gives you a better fighting chance at getting into the college of your choice (if you don't get in right away, you could get deferred and get a better shot the second time). Anyway good luck and glad to hear from you! -F.T.

  6. Best of luck to you!!! Take care of yourself first! I adore your scans of the One so hopefully you won't have to drop it! But have a fantastic rest of your summer and best of luck with college apps! (Rooting for you!)

  7. you're smart!!! i suck at math and couldn't even handle school level >.< .. its so cool you have such different sides to you.. manga AND science/math ..its awesome.. they don't encourage that kinda stuff here.. :('re lucky so have TONNES of fun and all the best!!! :D
    don't worry about the manga..just do your best :D :D

  8. Thanks for your dedication to The One! I really love it and your work is the best! As long as the others are working on it, I say focus on your other work, it sounds like an amazing experience. Congrats.

  9. I know how hard is the end of the semester. This year I don't even have a chance to have a holiday time. On Wednesday I managed to pass my bachelor's exam which was kind of tricky. I was the only person in 3 hours (I don't know about other people) who tried for an A+ - and I managed! In August I signed for French lessons so I can't leave the city. And in September I have to stand in for my parents' workers because one of them is getting married and the other is lady-in-waiting (I hope that's what you call it). And I will have to polish my German 'cause I will have a C1 course since November and I had a year long break. It's gonna be hell.

    Have a nice time in Boston. I really envy you. Wish I could just flee home and visit you for few days - you'd probably have some free space on your floor for me to sleep on;D But that's all a hopeful wish.


  10. I know you said that you saw chapter 90 up on mangafox, but just to let you know your scanlations are uploaded to other places besides mangafox. I've been reading your scanlations at this site called batoto. I personally prefer your translations to the ones posted at mangafox, they're of higher quality. So please reconsider. I know you've been busy, I tend to read your posts, in their entirety, every chance I get, and I admire your determination, and your open-mindedness, you seem to be the type of person who's always willing to learn something new, and it's for this reason that if you where to drop the one in its entirety, then I'll understand.

    But if you find it that you can still continue scanlating it, then I will be, one of the many people here, who will continue to cheer you on.

  11. Wow, what you're doing sounds so cool and fun!!! Do appreciate that you are still scanlating VBR chapters eventhough you are so busy!

  12. Good luck with everything that you do! Real Life stuff like you're doing (which sounds super interesting, even though I suckz at math) is the most important. It'd be great if you could work on The One, but I bet in the little free time you have, you'd like to relax =P

    Whatever you decide to do, best wishes!