Friday, April 13, 2012

The One Updates

Hey guys, I know that the recent chapters of The One have been a little weird, but here's an update for you guys.

Yes, I have been busy, so scans haven't come as fast for the past few months. I do appreciate that another group has picked up the slack. I also do really appreciate all the support you guys have given me. It's really very flattering, thank you. However, I wouldn't bash on the other group. Here's why:

The translator for the other girl emailed me recently saying that she had translated them and posted them on MF while waiting for my translations to come out. A scanslation group got in touch with her and asked for her permission to upload the typeset version, and she agreed thinking that I was also contacted, which I was not. When she found that out (after the release of 87), she thought that the project should be dropped. 

She also posted the translations of 88, and those were released without her go ahead either. She is really sorry (even though it's totally not her fault!), and she's so sweet, so it is really sad that people are bashing on her ): So I told her that it's fine--leave the chp 88 up for readers, and I will return with chp 89.

The other scanslation group did get in touch with me to ask if I had started work on the chapter. I replied saying that I had, but their return email was invalid, so I never got in touch with them. Then they emailed me a couple hours later saying they were done. So... =_______= That's the story. If you are that group and would like to get in touch with me, please provide a valid email that I can reply to. :\

ANYWAY, the point is that I am still on this project and I will be come back. These two chapters were unplanned things. I love all you guys, and be nice :)

ALSO I have vol 12 of VB Rose ^-^. I'm going to whip out my scanner hopefully this afternoon, but it's definitely on my goals to finish before my break ends on Sunday.  


  1. It was good she emailed you, honesty is the best policy.

  2. Thank you Kat and definitey, others need to communicate with you so that your work will not go in vain cause you are AWESOME! KEEP IT UP!

  3. (Well, that explains why everything wasn't cleaned up perfectly. It was never intended for public use! Well that girl was cheated too, because she go a lot of hate for something that she never intended to be public.) I wasn't bashing (like I said before, I could never scantalate japanese or chinese) just that I thought that it was shady that the group didn't have the decency to contact you knowing that you are the scantalator that does this project. I knew you were working on something for long time with your busy schedule and whoever did it wasn't considerate. I'm sorry if I was rude, just wanted to let you know that I appreciated the hard work that you put into my FAVORITE manwha! -F.T.

    1. FT don't worry about it! I'm sure that your intentions were good. I'm just worried that the other girl might feel bad because she looks like the bad guy ):

      Thank you to everyone for your support!

  4. Oh Kat, you're as nice as I always thought you were. I didn't know much about the drama, save that another group has suddenly put up a translated ch88. It's good for your fans and for that girl that you've made this post to clear up at least some things.

  5. I haven't said anything bad about anyone, but I will say that I love your work the most, and am glad that they won't be getting the "jump" on you on any more chapters!

  6. Awww <3 you guys are such sweethearts. I love you all :)

  7. Kat I have a question. On MagaFox there isn't anymore 88 chapter. Do You know what's going on? Will You be still making translations?

  8. how many chapter will there be?