Saturday, February 4, 2012

Aiya Semester 1 is Over!

I'm so glad. I've been away from this blog for so long, and I have missed it. I will try picking it up now in time for the next chapter of "The One"!

Anyway, all my grades almost look A-okay (lol, geddit?), except ONE 89.03, darn you physics. One would think that if a person is good at math, she should also be good at physics, right? Nope. Well, I'll see what I got on my final test ^-^

How is everyone else's life going?

Hmm, let me see if I have any new news going on:
- finished a couple deadlines for stuff--summer applications, novel competition, homework obviously
- I'm auditioning for a musical! "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee." I'm gunning for Marcy Park, the only part I'm ever likely to get in a play ahhaha. I'll attach one of her songs.

Isn't it awesome? Anyway, the musical is really adorable and cute, and it would be so awesome to get in. If not, I'll do tech like I always do :) Not a big deal. Boo, well I hope my throat gets better by Monday haha.
- IB ENGLISH ORALS ARE COMING UP for those of you who understand the suffering of IB haha. I always sound so awkward when I speak. I'll work on that ;)
- I'm reading this really good book, it's called 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami. I'd highly recommend it if you're interested in literary works! On a related note, Silver the manga finished like last month, so if you want to read it, I would also recommend that ^-^
- I get my paycheck tomorrow--yeeeeee! I can buy more food haha. Also, makeup. There are so many nice pretty things coming out in spring.. (look up MAC shop, shop shop, cook cook, cook collection). @____@ Anyway, totally unrelated and rambly at this point hehe. I'll sign off now!

I want to know what's new with everybody! Comment down below!


  1. how can that litle girl sing while moving around so much?
    i'd like to know if in your country (wherever you live) todo musicals is a common. I haven't acted since elementary :)
    let me congradulate you on getting almost all A's.
    that's impressive.

    1. I know, right? It's so incredible. Believe me, singing is hard enough already, but when you're moving, you'll definitely be all out of breath. Amazing.

      I live in the USA, and I guess it is pretty common in our high schools if they have a drama department. Our school typically does one play and one musical per year. Which country do you live in?

      Thank you!

  2. Hi! (I'm not the same person as above) The play sounds interesting good for you. I used to like that stuff in middle school but I stopped because I didn't like the teacher and the kind of plays/musicals they were doing(plus I was always just an extra lol). Although I had friends who kept doing it in high school; I think we had more than one of each (play and musical) per year though. I'm in the U.S. too, but I've never heard of English Orals...what are those?? Sorry if this comment is to late after your post or doesn't make sense this is my first time commenting. (:

  3. I'm from Lithuania. We have a drama club in my school, but my teacher can organise it only for classes from first to fourth, so 5-12 are left without that opportunity to show some acting skill in a different level than elementary kids.
    Could you possibly describe what is a drama department more clearly? I think that our education systems are quite different :)

  4. NO WAY! YOU LIVE IN THE US?! I WANT YOUR AUTOGRAPH IF YOU EVER COME TO CALIFORNIA D: !!! Omg I'm surprised you are better than me in physics. Keep up the good work & good luck on your audition !

  5. Hey Kat! Good to hear you're doing extremely well at school! (genius giiirl~). I agree with you, one would expect someone good at math to be also good at physics... But let me tell you I hate physics with my life xD (though I like math).
    Good luck with the IB oral! You'll do great :)