Saturday, November 12, 2011

Flash Mobs

Being bored and on the internet, I came across the concept of FLASH MOBS, which if you don't know are basically a gathering of people breaking out into spontaneous demonstration in some sort of public area. I immediately spent hours watching different flash mobs taking place, and I was astounded by the human cooperation that I saw. I felt like they were something so completely amazing.

Here is an example of a flash mob:

I'm so impressed that PEOPLE, just PEOPLE are able to pull of such things. It's really incredible to me, especially if you see the larger flash mobs that have thousands of people in them. Really, I can't believe how amazing humanity is. Even if I begin to feel disgusted and cynical, there is always something that will surprise me.

I just thought I'd share this with you, because these things are really cool, but also a great example of how cooperation can lead to awesome things.


  1. Thanks! This is really amazing!

  2. Awesome ... I smiled all the way while watching the video :)

  3. Yeah, flash mobs are pretty cool. The gathering of participants, the preparations, EVERYTHING! It'd be nice if I get to witness one live. =D It'd be ALSO nice if I can join one. XD

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  5. my sister was in a flash mob this summer, but it didn't turn out that good! welll, it was really small, but still.. AWESOME