Monday, October 3, 2011

Just to be clear...

So a lot of people comment thanking "you guys" for all the hard work. I would like to comment that this scanslation group is mostly a solo project! I do occasionally pull in cleaners for "The One," but I work alone in general :) It is interesting to me how many people assume I'm a big army of scanslators hahaha!

Anyway, I feel like I haven't done a personal post in a really long time. So I just started junior year of high school, and it is INCREDIBLY BORING. I really liked my classes last year, and I had fantastic teachers that were really fun to work with. I end up being bored by most of my classes these days, which of course is not a great feeling.

And to add on to that, there are tons of busy work homeworks which makes me angry D< It sucks that your first and last few classes are really boring because there's nothing to look forward to after lunch. It's so sad.

Because we're so bored, and we're cool, our English class actually devised this game called "Word of the Day." We pick a random word and try to use it during class discussion. It's hilarious and makes our classes a little more exciting. THAT'S how bored we are. But that's all right I suppose.

So it is now October, and I'm INCREDIBLY excited for Halloween. You don't even know how ridiculously excited I am for this holiday. I don't even know what I'm going to dress up as, but the thought of Halloween is so wonderful. I really want to watch Rocky Horror Picture Show with friends :)

Also, want to know something awesome? Our school decided our homecoming theme was HARRY POTTER. If you know me, you'll know how much I love Harry Potter--I basically grew up with this series, and Harry Potter was seriously one of the best friends I had as a kid. This sounds incredibly sad, but it's sort of true... Anyway, I'm super excited because I might go to laser tag with some friends. AHHH SO AWESOME.

Basically, autumn is the best season ever, though it did start raining recently. Poopoo. And I have to bike part of the way to school, so that makes my commute extra fun! Whoohoo! I hope everyone else is having a great season. Let me know in the comments what you're up to lately!

I'll have Paradise City up soon, and I'll let you know when I get the raws for "The One."


  1. i missed these posts. thanks, Kat! my birthday is in autumn so i guess i am excited as well though we don't celebrate Halloween in our country and i hope you will be having a great time during this holiday.

  2. thats even more incredible! where do you even find the time for it? anyways, you're awesome! thanks for all the hard work!

  3. i will correct all my previous "thank you guys" to THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR ALL UR HARDWORK AND UR AWESOME!

  4. Hey everybody! Thanks for all your comments :)

    Anon2, I "squeeze time" as my dad says haha.

  5. Wow! So thx for all your hard work:P That's really awesome that you get to celebrate Halloween with your friends like thant. Not all of us have this opportunity. Last year it was a complete disaster - I wanted to visit a cementary in the forest at midnight, but they all got scared..:(

  6. Quenthelbaenre, that sounds terrifying hahahaha! I hope you have a better halloween this year :)

  7. :D Me too. But it doesn't look so good. And to make it more sad - no guy to celebrate it with. And I'm already in my 3rd year at university! (But really it's not that I had no chance - simply - they're all terrible). And I really didn't think you're so young (no offence). You do a great job balancing your studies and scanlating for us. Thank you so much!

  8. Boo, but don't worry about it. You don't need a guy to celebrate it with. And if it really worries you, you still two weeks to find one in this great big world. But I understand the feeling--I've pretty much been going to school with the same set of people for 6 years, which doesn't make for much diversity in your social circle >___>

    Ah, no offense taken :) I do acknowledge I'm quite young. Thanks for teh support :)