Saturday, July 2, 2011

Leaving... Forever....

Totally kidding. I'm only leaving for 5 weeks to go to MATH CAMP. WHOOHOO. Actually, if you guys want to write me letters, you can hehe.

The address is
Kathleen Zhou
c/o Mathcamp
3203 Southeast Woodstock Boulevard
Portland, OR 97202

If you live in the USA and this is convenient, feel free to write me! I will definitely write you back, but keep in mind my camp ends August 7th! If you live outside of the USA, please don't trouble yourself with the postage! Shoot me an email and I would be happy to respond!

If you don't want to write me letters, that's totally cool too. We can still chat here! I hope everyone's July is going great! Vote in the poll to the right ---->

Hehe. Can you tell that I love random polls? Anyway, as I said before, VB Rose and Paradise City releases will NOT be affected by my trip. I will try to get The One done, but I may have to do some extra work to make it happen. It will probably happen. I'm a dedicated scanslator haha. But I don't want to get your hopes up and have everyone yell at me either... *cowers*

Well, anyway, this is rather random, and I should get some work done before I leave. Oh well. Heehee ^-^

I've actually been reading so much this summer. I'm so excited to finally be able to knock some books off my reading list! It's terriffffffic! Besides that, I haven't done anything interesting... except eat a lot. Ughh. I may have gained weight XD Anyway, I hope you guys have a fabulous week, and I will talk to you guys soon! AH A FIREWORK JUST WENT OFF OUTSIDE HAHA. People are practicing for July 4th!



  1. Hey Kat, I was taken aback by the title of this post. Lol anyways, writing a letter would be so much fun to do :) Thanks for the hard work always !!!Have fun at math camp!!!

  2. Hello,
    does Math Camp mean you go to a camp where you do maths like most of the time? sorry it sounds like a silly question but never heard of it where I am from :) Sounds great though! and thank you for your work it is so much appreciated :)