Sunday, May 15, 2011

V.B. Rose Chapter 47

So... sorry for the delay in "The One." Angie (my cleaner) is currently undergoing stressful finals. Buena suerte! And I am undergoing AP tests BOOO. Only two more APs, and one more IB test. But then again, one of the APs is Chinese... HAHAHHAHA. Anyway, here's a chapter of VB Rose to distract you guys. I currently have Vol. 9-11 in my possession, but I need to find out what I'm doing with Vol 10-11, because if you remember, there was another girl who wanted to scan them, but I have no idea where she is now, because I haven't contacted her in forever. When I get to the end of Vol 9, I will do so.

I also have Mixed Vegetables for those that have been asking! I like the series too, so it'll be good to share. That is low on my list of priorities though. So.... No promises yet. And I will will get to The One and Paradise City!


Download the chapter here!


  1. Thanks for the update on The One and this new chapter of VBR. Much appreciated!

  2. Thanks a lot for this chapter. Thank you once more :-).
    Regarding releases of V.B. Rose there is information on Heart Crusade website:
    "Because of Tokyopop closing down, I'm now dropping V.B. Rose.
    I'm sure that KatScans will finish it".

  3. Just a quick note Kat. By Mixed Vegetables do you mean this?

    If it is then, well, isn't it already out there?

    Or may be I'm mistaken and you're talking about a different Mixed Vegetables?

  4. Yes! I believe that the project has been dropped, Maliha, so I may pick it up with a few scans.

    Thanks Assan7575 for the information!

  5. Uhh ok... for some reason I thought this was complete already... apparently not!! Is it good? May be I'll slack off on my last semester and rather read a new manga :-s

  6. Hahaha. I like it! It's actually pretty cute, not quite the archetypal shoujo.